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Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds to ever live, was perplexed by the
speed at which MynkeyRapish was able to farm. Seemingly impossible GPMs of
800+ every game were consistently observed, leading to the hypothesis that
this was no fluke. Critics laughed at his efforts, claiming that MynkeyRapish's farm was an undeniable act of divine
intervention. It wasn't until the end when Einstein found the answer. On his
deathbed, Einstein spent the last seconds of his life jotting down what is now
the world's most infamous scientific formula. Mynkey=Rapish²

Noah: It's happening, my loins are burning, my nipples are hard, I gently take my penis out
of my pants while I watch MynkeyRapish go mid and build a Midas. I slowly start stroking
it up and down. 40 minutes have passed, MynkeyRapish keeps farming non-stop making max
usage of the precious Hand of midas, he's the top farmer, I start speeding up, faster and faster, i get impatient and start using both hands. MynkeyRapish is now 6
sloted. Finally he joins the fight, solo, only him, 1v5. Shit starts to go down...
one kill, double kill, ultra, RAMPAGE, semen starts pumping up my penis while MynkeyRapish all chats about his rampage and I congratulate him with a "grats"

MynkeyRapish is everywhere. MynkeyRapish is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You
can see MynkeyRapish when you look out your window or when you turn on your
television. You can feel MynkeyRapish when you go to work… when you go to
church… when you pay your taxes. MynkeyRapish is the world that has been pulled
over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

If liking MynkeyRapish makes me fucked up, then so be it. I am one fucked up
motherfucker. But you know what? Being in love makes you fucked up. It
changes the way you think. You see the world differently. Colors are brighter.
Happiness actually means something. Whenever I think of holding MynkeyRapish's
hand, my stomach tightens up and I want to wrap my arms around the world.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Claire Holt <3 Sep 1 @ 3:03am 
Bro you owe me money for that script I sold you few days ago. Pay me up soon. Thanks :) P.S.- Don't forget to leave a feedback on how the script was beneficial to you.
¡Jake's Card BOT Aug 19 @ 4:48am 
👍Whoa! Algebraic! Thanks for trading!
+REP :coolestperson: Thanks for using Shim's level up service! :10_level: :20_level: :30_level: :40_level: :50_level: :60_level: :70_level: :80_level: :90_level: :100_level:
+REP :coolestperson: Thanks for using Shim's level up service! :10_level: :20_level: :30_level: :40_level: :50_level: :60_level: :70_level: :80_level: :90_level: :100_level:
+REP :coolestperson: Thanks for using Shim's level up service! :10_level: :20_level: :30_level: :40_level: :50_level: :60_level: :70_level: :80_level: :90_level: :100_level: