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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:55am

Cat Connoisseur

Discovered all 6 cat types.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 8:45am


I Know Every Appliance! Picked up every item in the house.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 8:42am

Snail Mail

Collected every stamp.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:45am

I Love Statistics!

Crafted Stat-Bot.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:56am

Please Sign Here

Discovered every type of delivery item.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 9:08am

Eye Spy

Found every hidden lightbulb.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 9:16am

The Dark Room

Gained access to the secret locked room.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:57am

Floating Balls of Fluff

Trapped 10 Kittens in bubbles.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 9:32am


Finished the game!
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:25am

Hello? Who's There?

Met Magnus
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 7:45am

Special Medal

Fully upgrade the trophy item.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 9:16am

Missing Pages

Read the 3 missing pages.

Tall Order

Create a fort that's pretty tall.

Just The Basics

Survive 6 rounds in a row against the cats using just the 4 starting items.

Stacks On!

Place every item at once.

Lone Survivor

Had an item survive against the cats for 10 rounds in a row.