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Dylan   Mishawaka, Indiana, United States
Hi, 'm Dylan. I like Cats, Dinosaurs, video games, History, Art, and other stuff. I play games like Primal Carnage, Hearts of Iron lV, TF2, Ravenfield, Depth, and very soon, Jurassic World: Evolution.

שלום, אני דילן! אני אוהב חתולים, דינוזאורים, היסטוריה, משחקי וידאו ואמנות.
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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Kitty May 11 @ 4:54pm 
\¸. ♥hαvє α grєαt dαч!♥,.¸.¤*
/ \
TeenSuicideHotline May 6 @ 4:29am 
And so, the Rainbow Fish gave one shimmering scale to each of his friends.
Now all of the fish were shiny and bright and beautiful.
Unfortunately, this meant they were easily visible to predators.
The Rainbow Fish had doomed them all.

Kitty May 4 @ 2:45pm 
TeenSuicideHotline Apr 15 @ 6:14pm