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Vsync Theory - it has 11 pages explaining testing methodology and graphs. skip to the end for settings and TL;DR. Basically it doesn't affect latency like normal vsync and gives you the benefits of synced frame-timings (which include no stuttering or microstutters, no screen tearing, feels more responsive in turn because of these benefits.) and adaptive framerate sync. DISCLAIMER: The effect on latency is more noticeable (about 11ms added) on 60hz, whereas on 144hz and above the latency is only about 1-2ms difference than vsync off and no framerate limit. []

Here's a fun fact - Trickle down economics is the greatest lie ever created with its only purpose being to maintain the wealth gap in America. Make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Jeff Bezos is now nearing a net worth of 200 billion and still doesn't give his employees the time to piss and doesn't give them a live-able wage. Follow the Costco CEO's example, he pays employees a live-able wage with good working conditions while maintaining good profit margins. There should be a law preventing ridiculous profit margins at the expense of the people yet any politician you see is getting money from those elite that step on people to prevent these laws in the first place.

If you're adding me out of the blue and I haven't played with you and/or aren't a mutual friend then please comment why. Those who do not comment why you're adding me will be ignored.
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