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Rickyy   Greater London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Smokey is love, smokey is life. My love for Sir Smokey is unconditional, please marry me.

CSGO Rank Table
Silver-I ✔
Silver-II ✔
Silver Elite
Silver Elite Master
Golden Nova I
Golden Nova II
Golden Nova lll
Gold Nova Master
Master Guardian I (✔)
Master Guardian II
Elite Master Guardian
Distinguished Master Guardian
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My Steam Status Means:

Online or in ANY GAME: This means I am at my PC and i'm available to chat / play games.

Away: This means im away from the computer, and am probably stuffin my face with food. Message me and i'll reply when i get back.

Busy: This means im doing other stuff and i dont wanna talk to you - i get easily distracted so leave me a message and we can chat later

Offline: This means I’m sleeping - i sleep heavy so no point messaging me

Apart from that, have a nice day.
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