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-=GOz=-Dr Death 30 гру 2018 о 14:24 
We played many times together on line, and also talk on the phone many times over the years. I have truly lost a good friend and Gamer. The bottle of Jack I just open is for you my friend as it evaporates I hope it find you and use the sky hook often… Pease Brother Dr. Death – William Platt
☆☞⇝Ƈ∀Я€⇜☜ ☆ 26 лис 2018 о 20:19 
R.I.P. BOSS......imma miss your humor.......take care where ever you are... ....i've just barely found out you're out there.....i dunno .....this is pretty heavy....i've always took for granted you were always around to make sense of things......everything in my pipe from now on will forever be in your honor.....
Noobsauce 13 лис 2018 о 16:40 
Spazmatism and Retinazer 1 вер 2018 о 2:37 
that is weird, when i post a comment, i look on my library and comment deletes..........
I don't blame you 26 сер 2018 о 0:00 
dont u wanna add me 24 чер 2018 о 9:11 
thank you sir