Ali Clubb   Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'm not coming back to TF2. Thanks everyone for all the fun!
TF2 is was good - retired sniper main
I try to stream as often as possible to twitch.tv/lordsunday_tf2

youtube: youtube.com/aliclubb

Can solve a Rubik's cube in under 20 seconds.

Draedius: On medieval mode I could go godlike with my whip...
Me: Mmm whip me

twitch.tv/unicornowl has changed their name to unicornowl.
lord sunday: when you're grumpy
lord sunday: are you called
lord sunday: unicornscowl? <3
unicornowl: lol
lord sunday: and when you become a TRUE tittystreamer
lord sunday: will you be unipornowl? :^)
unicornowl: yes

This all happened in 1 night...
jhin: You're a dank moist memer

jhin: That's what happens when you fuck a waterbottle

jhin: My dick is called Mr Nay Nay

jhin: Dude, has anyone ever told you, that you're a 24/7 meme?

jhin: Suck my enormously tiny Asian willy

jhin: Legit you are a cock
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Carri Oct 14 @ 1:00pm 
What happens to those aussies
LWOYO NOH Oct 9 @ 12:37am 
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RIP, was nice playing with you :)
Uncle Sam Sep 26 @ 1:47pm 
Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti
denny Sep 24 @ 12:52pm 
Top 10 fraggers taken too soon
Uncle Sam Sep 1 @ 7:57pm 
RIP in pepperoni Lord Sunday