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friend request steam lvl < 10 / account with 3 free games / VAC Banned will be ignored

ask me as friend to beg something is really a bad idea , you can be 100% sure that the answer is no don't try in any case it's no, no and no again, get a job and go away

if your a kind of intolerent/racist/homophobic/narrow-minded guy and like to injure others, post only chocking content, go away

if you know everything on every subject and have nothing to learn, you must be really boring, go away

please, don't ask me to play with me or to join your game, I will never answer to theses requests, I'm mostly an alone player, this is my style don't take that personal, really, it's all

35 year old gamer, nerd, programmer, collector, main language french, speak English the best I can I can too speak a bit German if you want
I really like to follow my friends activities and snapshots, if you feel like me, add me !

BTW if you put a comment with the reason you add me, you get more chance to be accepted
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Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?”

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I write this in english to reach more ppl, but that's not my main language, feel free to let me know if I do some errors.

[*] Ambience and music♥ are brilliant
[*] Lot of fun and jokes, aliens and spaces marins are really fun
[*] Directly immersive, start the game and play, no 9'943 things to understand before having fun
[*] A ton of upgrade. After each level you earn from 1 to 3 stars if you win. And you can spend them on a upgrade tree. You can reset the tree and spend your stars in another way to try a different strategy for a specific level.
[*] You can transform your towers into marines basecamp and have soldiers on the battlefield
[*] Really a lot little nice idea who make this game great
[*] Polished, bug free
[*] It cost only 6$

I totally recommend this game for any Tower Defense lover. If you like too sci-fi theme it's a must to have.

Here is a 15min video you can see an entire level. Don't believe this level is easy like that the first time you play without next level upgrades. It's just to show you a bit what contain this game and how it look.
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