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  中华人民共和国公民,地球生存游戏 21 级玩家。生活态度消极,作息时间混乱。对冒犯性言论较为敏感,怼人不吝言辞。对欧美友人、亚洲友人及非洲友人持包容态度,厌恶白皮、猴子及黑皮 欢迎对号入座 。简体中文使用及排版规范学习者、中文字体爱好者、业余翻译爱好者、文言爱好者、间歇性拖延症患者、「守序中立」、朝廷心腹 大患

  - 厌恶小型犬
  - 厌恶热衷于扩散的宗教
  - 厌恶无逻辑的僵尸题材游戏
  - 厌恶繁体中文政治化(非广义传承字)
  - 厌恶安那其主义

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          :csgoct: 反恐精英:全球攻势 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgoct:
           :Barrage: 风起云涌2:越南 | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam :Barrage:
            :pla: 战争游戏:红龙 | Wargame: Red Dragon :pla:
             :nogo: 都市:天际线 | Cities: Skylines :nogo:
              :army: 钢铁雄心Ⅳ | Hearts of Iron IV :army:
               :sheridan: 英雄连2 | Company of heroes 2 :sheridan:
               :MechSkull: 浩瀚繁星 | Stellaris :MechSkull:

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  The "Tian Incident" is not a big deal for many people. even some Hsiamen University graduates who have already entered in the official media still feel that the public is too sensitive to think independently, so they hinted in support of Tian in the social network. What is terrible is not these viewpoints, what is terrible is that there are not few people who hold these viewpoints. These self-styled "rational" people mingle with the crowd and preach happily in campus, young people regard their words as truth. There are also some of them hiding in the media and propaganda organizations, influencing public opinion and confusing more people.            
  “Gorbacheves” has lurked in various systems within the Party for a long time, and these people are more cunning than you think. Tian is just a child who lacks the social experience to them, or, in their words, "not yet sophisticated enough". Seasoned "Tians" has gone through many kinds of combats, sitting quietly in the office, holding up the banner of "socialism has won", banging on the foundation of the Party and on the heads of the masses. Even the vast majority of them think that our ideal is nothing more than a hoax, and all actions to maintain the hope are just for the sake of long-term stability. Moreover, many people pretend to be loyal and expect the country to become the private property, and their efforts are only to be its watchdogs and coated slaves.
  What we pine for when we pine for the Bolshevik Russia is not the northern neighbour who brought us serious threats, but the spirit represented by the Bolsheviks, the spirit that can unite all of us closely and seamlessly to strive hard for a common great ideal and build our motherland.
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