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Somewhere between convincing a young boy to hand over the trigger for an orbital death laser, and running into a trio of elderly women howling for my blood after I reprogrammed a sexbot to work for the local bar, I found myself thinking, "This might be one of the best RPGs I've ever played."

More than any other game in recent memory, Fallout: New Vegas is an RPG that encourages - and rewards - you for exploring strange or out-there possibilities. Whether you want to be the savior of the Mojave Wasteland or the Devil Incarnate when it comes to the way you deal with the world and its residents, this game actively relishes in allowing you to mold the experience in any way, shape or form you choose.

As a courier who is double-crossed and shot in the head, the game immediately sets itself apart from previous Fallout titles (which all had you start in a Vault and bring you slowly into the outside world) by having you wake up in a small town and immediately get caught up in a (sometimes-overwhelming) amount of oddball characters, sidequests and machinations from various factions within the Mojave. When you set out, you'll quickly find yourself making enemies, running across all sorts of strange locations and getting lost in a mountain of sidequests that will quickly have you glued to your computer saying "just one more mission".

The most interesting aspect of the game is the care that's taken to giving the player unique, memorable experiences. Whether it's strolling into a new town as the sound of Marty Robbins' "Big Iron" plays on your Pip-Boy radio, the oddball encounters given by the Wild Wasteland perk, the unmarked quests peppered throughout the wasteland or the fact that you can literally run around killing everything and everyone (up to and including the heads of major factions), the game has an unbeatable sense of world-building and freedom. You can quite literally massacre everyone and still achieve an ending that's on par (or arguably better) than one of the faction endings.

Much care has also been given to the wide assortment of companions you can recruit throughout the game, who all provide incredible benefits during combat. They all have their own quirks and unique conversations, strong companion quests, insight into the various factions and amusing chatter during combat and encounters. Likewise, it shows how much care Obsidian Entertainment put into the game when you see some of the minor NPCs, who have surprisingly-intricate conversations and mini-questlines.

New Vegas also has some of the most interesting and, I would argue, iconic encounters and quest designs in the entire series. Whether it's the surreal "social experiment" in Vault 22 (and arguably, the rest of the Vaults in the Mojave), menial tasks like the picture-taking sidequest at the south end of the Vegas Strip, or just being able to sell your companion to a group of high-society cannibals for no other reason than "for the evulz", the game does an incredible job of keeping things fresh and varied throughout a playthrough.

The most interesting thing is that you can play the game a number of different ways and get a different experience every time. The first time I beat the game, I was doing a completionist "goody-two-shoes" run where I saved everyone I could and was incredibly thorough. When I went back for a second run, I played as a female melee expert who ran around stealth-killing everyone with sneak attacks, but couldn't shoot guns to save her life. The flexibility and care given to making both character builds have unique advantages is the main part of why New Vegas continues to have such replay value.

Of course, there's also the modding community, which has given the game unparalleled longevity, both through restored content (like the New Vegas Uncut series on Nexusmods) or major gameplay overhauls like Project Nevada. Even if it wasn't on sale, the game is still incredible value thanks to the amount of content both in the game and contributed by the community.

I highly recommend New Vegas for anyone getting into the genre. It's one of my favorite Western RPGs, and an experience that keeps rewarding me time and time again.

Now if I could just get "Big Iron" out of my head...
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