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Don't stay in the denial cycle. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Life is already hard. Remember to enjoy playing games.
I sometimes map for TF2, and sometimes i get bored and map for HDTF
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For the love of god if you want to add me, send a comment with the reasons. I don't like getting invites from nowhere with no explanations.


Before i get into this : i'm not a furry, not a LGBT, i'm not religious, i hate when people assume stuff about very heated things like this. I hate talking about these things online and you should too.
I don't care whoever you are, you have basic rights


This account is normally named Alex EatDonut. Sometimes i change my name to what i think is funny.
ALT account that i use for either when i feel like rediscovering TF2 or when i play games / software that I'd be ashamed to have on this account.

I have a discord server []. It is mostly french people but they would be fine with more english speakers.


[insert a "my battlestation" part here]
Anyways, on my main pc I have a Ryzen 5 5600X and a 3060, with 16Go of Ram, and my laptop is (awkwardly and coincidentally) almost the same spec (but laptop version, so it's worse). That's all you need to know. I can run games, that's for sure.

I have a nintendo Switch and a Xbox Series X. I don't play much on either of them.

Don't bring up console wars or even "pc masterrace". If my thousands of hours in games on this account isn't telling that, i too like the pc masterrace, I also want a plastic box to run games sometimes.

I like to "review" games
When I review games on steam in english, I usually rate games on an OK scale, from It's totally OK to It's totally not OK :
-It's totally OK - It's OK - It's barely OK - It's slightly not OK - It's not OK - It's totally not OK
When I review games on steam in french, I make a more developped and general overview than my rants and ok scales. French gamers really need better guidance than the usually pointless and bad reviews from some people.

Some of my favourite games

- Celeste and A Hat In Time are my indie picks
- Minecraft and Zelda BoTW are good open worlds
- The Super Smash Bros Series is the only fighting game i've ever liked
- Borderlands 2 because it was my getaway from TF2
- The Kingdom Hearts series is the only RPG that didn't annoy me (yet) i'm somehow managing to keep up with the lore of the series so i'm open to any story related memes
- If you really must get into a Gacha Game (god save your soul), i'd recommand either Genshin Impact if you like BoTW, or Blue Archive if you want a more Visual Novel style of game.

Me ranting about the state of TF2

TF2 is a sinkhole, i keep getting into matches with very toxic players. Probably an EU thing. People are becoming more and more delusionnal, and mentally deranged, that or they are just acting like degenerates too well. Everyone is too focused on the cosmetic nightmare that the economy has become, the workshop is a mess, the content creation around the game is a mess.
Everything about the game has been done, everyone is becoming creatively bankrupt (or already is), and yet people still think the TF2 community is one of the most creative community out there... a big part of the community has become a huge circle-jerk, and I don't want to be apart of that.

So why do I still play the game, despite all that, after 10 years of regularly playing the game ?
Because it's fun, to play and map for.

While I play it only for the tf2maps imps to not feel like my 500+ € spent on the game don't feel like a waste, the game, when in the right environnement is still fun. The only problem is that you need to download a no hats mods and have the mindset that anyone you are faced against is a god at the game. Playing like that helped me improve at the game and made it more fun for me. Hopefully it can work with other people.

A thing I should remind you is that there are other games out there, and you can play multiple games at the same time. You aren't betraying anyone when taking a break from TF2, I know that there was a time when I stopped TF2 and played only Borderlands 2, and getting to play TF2 afterward felt refreshing.
Just don't be too loyal to a game, please.

Closing notes
I like to make good relationships with randoms, and hopefully play with them longer then 2 seconds. Usually, that doesn't happen, but if you see that i'm in the same game as you, I don't mind if you join me if you can.

My final point I should make is that I hate fandoms, mostly their reactions when they don't agree with you. Trying to debate against a bunch of people who have a herd mentality is one of my biggest mistakes in life. Now i understand that wasting time on this sort of thing is not the most productive thing to do. Save yourself from pointless online debates by not commenting on that reddit post, or that twitter thread, you will save what feels like hours of your days and will save you from feeling like you are surrounded by idiots.
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i considered dipping my bals in sulfuric acid when playing this game.
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The trio of dead memes is now your wallpaper. Big Chungus, Woah Bandicoot and Ugandan Knuckles will now sing your favourite track when you are not busy browsing dank memes on reddit giving reddit gold to kind strangers.
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