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chedca Mar 6 @ 7:46pm 
awesome game, sweet big patch.
question: if a players total inventory contributes to their movement speed;
why can i not drop stuff out of my inventory onto the floor?? what the heck, Alex
Deerlobe Feb 12 @ 2:05pm 
Alex you and your game are fantastic, keep up the good work and your existence.
[DOL]Sadistic Sweety Jan 23 @ 1:15pm 
Thanks for working on and with a great game, it's been awesome, keep up the good work and that thick skin :)
fuck yo dead homies Jan 15 @ 6:13pm 
you are a beautiful human being +rep
TurboDave Jan 5 @ 3:23am 
https://youtu.be/8_F_iVf2aUM please watch this mate
TurboDave Jan 4 @ 2:12am 
Alex have u had chance to look at my ban
The guy who reported me is always posting when he gets killed he's moaning on a new post right now over netcode etc. Vitriol I believe
I can send u my shadow play video that shows the door open and him stood in front of me lagged out I just shot straight at him. Also another timpstap on the video I can link you Vs the replay is there is a guy lagged out directly in front of me I don't shoot in either video but he's there on shadow play video.
Even the game replay shows him at spawn and he dies as soon as he moves a mm.even on your replay in game u hear the door open sound even tho it appears shut
I straight away informed this guy "in chat" so visible in replay. That there was an issue.
My stats are lv22 with 14% acry.lol
Does that sound like a cheat ?
I'm honestly not a cheat and just want to prove my innocence