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If you're adding me, I'd appreciate a comment stating why unless obvious to me. I don't use any alt accounts for trading.
Mostly known to be a TF2 player.

List of good unboxes/drops:
Australium MvM drops:
Black Box + Ambassador earned on alt account
Sniper Rifle - Two Cities tour 26
Flamethrower - Mecha Engine tour 9
Scattergun - Two Cities tour 173
Flamethrower - Two Cities tour 217
Ambassador - Two Cities tour 244 (4 box with Widowmaker pro fab)
Scattergun - Two Cities tour 266
Ambassador - Two Cities tour 269
Pro KS kits in screenshots.

Unusual unboxes:
:2018bestaward:Dark Doorway Polar Bear (first hat, keeping it) :cozytf2mug:
Vivid Plasma Toy Soldier
:2018bestaward:Isotope Haunted Ghosts war paint (Factory New and matching effect!)
Kill-a-watt Winter Woodsman
Cool Horror Holiday war paint (Minimal Wear)
Cool Horror Holiday war paint (Well Worn) (yep 2 of em...)
:2018bestaward: Cool Calavera Canvassed war paint (Field tested) + Unusualifier in one box
:iwtoilet:Ghastly Grove Backbreaker's Skullcraker
Mystical Medley Mann-O-War
Verdant Vortex Sky High Fly Guy
:2018bestaward: Abyssal Aura Chill Chullo
Pyroland Daydream A Hat To Kill For
Isotope Night Owl Sniper Rifle (Well Worn)
Pyroland Nightmare Airdog
:iwtoilet: Mirthful Mistletoe Pithy Professional
+ Plenty of unusualifiers
Currently Offline
:palette: My 'main' is the random class button
:palette: Mostly a Mann vs. Machine player, and every time you throw the gas passer you lose 1 IQ point
:palette: I generally ignore friend requests from 3rd tour randoms
:palette: I reset all my strange counts on 01/01/20 (besides a few 'retired' weapons) - Finally got a strange version of every weapon which has one.
:palette: I am not much of a people person and generally prefer to just do my own thing.
:palette: I do often remove people from my friends list, particularly traders once we've sorted out our deal. It doesn't necessarily mean I have a problem with you or anything.
:palette: List of cool stuff I've unboxed is in the info dropdown at the top.
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:cozynms:My trade link:cozynms:
:cozynms:My backpack:cozynms: [backpack.tf]
I'm not automated, I work full time and sleep so please be patient when sending me trade offers. On that note, there's no notification if you receive a trade offer when in-game, so if I'm in-game and you'd like me to respond faster, adding me as a friend should get my attention.
I'm open to item offers - but I am a bit picky about items.
I don't really have any interest in spells or most gen 1-3 unusuals.

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3,253 hrs on record
last played on Mar 1
522 hrs on record
last played on Feb 27
286 hrs on record
last played on Feb 27
thermus Feb 16 @ 2:45pm 
Added to discuss DoD Big Elfin Deal
+rep fast trader :]
added for Strange Terror-antula
Emmathatsme Feb 7 @ 1:22pm 
Added for the White Lightning Uni ! :)
Also tf2 crashed moment we won. How convenient
+rep Absolute legend. Three manned Hamlet mann up mode. :Uni: