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If you're adding me, I'd appreciate a comment stating why unless obvious to me. I don't use any alt accounts for trading.
Mostly known to be a TF2 player.

List of good unboxes/drops:
Australium MvM drops:
Black Box + Ambassador earned on alt account
Sniper Rifle - Two Cities tour 26
Flamethrower - Mecha Engine tour 9
Scattergun - Two Cities tour 173
Flamethrower - Two Cities tour 217
Ambassador - Two Cities tour 244 (4 box with Widowmaker pro fab)
Scattergun - Two Cities tour 266
Ambassador - Two Cities tour 269
Axtinguisher - Two Cities tour 343 (4 box with Big Kill pro fab)
Flamethrower - Mecha Engine tour 31
Black Box - Two Cities tour 388
Black Box - Two Cities tour 393
Pro KS kits in screenshots.

Unusual unboxes:
:2018bestaward:Dark Doorway Polar Bear (first hat, keeping it) :cozytf2mug:
Vivid Plasma Toy Soldier
:2018bestaward:Isotope Haunted Ghosts war paint (Factory New and matching effect!)
Kill-a-watt Winter Woodsman
Cool Horror Holiday war paint (Minimal Wear)
Cool Horror Holiday war paint (Well Worn) (yep 2 of em...)
:2018bestaward: Cool Calavera Canvassed war paint (Field tested) + Unusualifier in one box
:iwtoilet:Ghastly Grove Backbreaker's Skullcraker
Mystical Medley Mann-O-War
Verdant Vortex Sky High Fly Guy
:2018bestaward: Abyssal Aura Chill Chullo
Pyroland Daydream A Hat To Kill For
Isotope Night Owl Sniper Rifle (Well Worn)
Pyroland Nightmare Airdog
:iwtoilet: Mirthful Mistletoe Pithy Professional
+ Plenty of unusualifiers
Currently Online
:palette: My 'main' is the random class button
:palette: Mostly a Mann vs. Machine player, and every time you throw the gas passer you lose 1 IQ point
:palette: I generally ignore friend requests from 3rd tour randoms
:palette: I reset all my strange counts on 01/01/20 (besides a few 'retired' weapons) - Finally got a strange version of every weapon which has one.
:palette: I am not much of a people person and generally prefer to just do my own thing.
:palette: I sometimes remove people from my friends list, particularly traders once we've sorted out our deal. It doesn't necessarily mean I have a problem with you or anything.
:palette: List of cool stuff I've unboxed is in the info dropdown at the top.
Items Up For Trade
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:cozynms:My trade link:cozynms:
:cozynms:My backpack:cozynms: [backpack.tf]
I don't actively trade these days - but offers are always welcome. Item offers are of low interest. Want to offer buy order prices on my stuff? Go for it, you won't get blocked. But you will get laughed at.

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last played on May 28
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last played on May 28
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Mexico Apr 6 @ 12:13pm 
Hey dude, hit you up to ask about your hetmans, if you have any interest in selling it let me know.
might of accidently removed you sorry
Devious; Diabolical even. Mar 20 @ 3:25pm 
Hiii can you add me back? Trading x
Jihad Mar 11 @ 3:20pm 
weird question but would you be willing to sell your battle scarred pumpkin patch flame thrower?
sappyboi4 Feb 2 @ 9:06pm 
looking to offer
Beaser Jan 2 @ 3:48am 
Added to ask about the strange wrapped reviver airstrike