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3200(?) dpi, ingame 3.5, 3cm/360 . zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.4 .
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sorta into kpop.

I've been really into solly and demo jumping these couple of months.
Sadly thou I have been captivated by the wonders of Japanese animation and can see a future of me dying before i turn 20.

Shoutouts to pozi , jpd and enkaii for being awesome individuals. They really helped me enjoy this game again.

Shoutouts to nameloc i guess......

Shoutouts to ren, blawur, itanii, kureh and nettlebane for being gods

<!--quotes and other junk goes here -->

[S|Peon] ducks : wtf why is the corner 90 degrees

9:38 PM - derank: whos ur last player
9:38 PM - 413: f5
9:38 PM - derank: who?
9:38 PM - 413: f5
9:38 PM - derank: i don get it
9:39 PM - derank: wait so whos ur 6th
9:39 PM - 413: f5
9:39 PM - derank: WHOS F5
9:39 PM - derank: omg

(ALL) ADMIN: horny med

* [D|Peasant IV] sharlo : all the pugs with me provides a fun pugging experience for everyone

[S|Peon] Soleos : everyone with non english name is faggot just use english name

[Unranked] Sp0dermAn : who wants to be teached

[S|Plebeian V] Blawur : fuck why am i so good
[S|Plebeian V] Blawur : IM SO GOOD

Blawur : finakky

top 10 anime betrayals -
★ sEVEn ★ : if I wasn't supposed to jumps sniper I'm sorry
★ sEVEn ★ : we're all good ok?
[SM] ADMIN: Kicked aimboat
aimboat left the game (Kicked by administrator)

10:50 PM - TM | Nettlebane.: dab this shit
11:15 PM - Nettebane.: ifunkidd0 : im quitting if nettlebane wins div 3

[D|Jester V] 1ly : i scared my number of followers will crash insta so i dont use it

neon patrick: damn
neon patrick: im reking idiot

[Raider]Falcon : im looking at the respawn screen more than gameplay

(ALL) ADMIN: you guys are (partly) why i drink

(TEAM) Beats#broke. : i onlly played med for 4 hours

Toodle : legend stop fucking things that don't exist

pokemaster#nub : i just watch 2 girls 1 cup
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : i watch 2 guys 1 condom
ned : 2 kids 1 sandbox
AsiaFortress himari : maybe you should watch some videos on how to play pocket instead
ned : ^
Crystal : LOL
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : who?
vetia : burn
Crystal : OHHHH
Crystal : OUCH
pokemaster#nub : me
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : oh
Crystal : OUCH

teertyy : i can make a trap music with elapsed mumble
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first season of 6s
aww you are so sweet girl <3
I love Korean girls like you Alden <3
Jul 20 @ 9:32pm 
ABNA Megu Jul 7 @ 5:47pm 
Viewquest conspiracy
DUCK May 15 @ 9:24am 
Tempus | (Solly) salty sea hag map run 2:25:44.72 (WR +2:17:55.67)
Tempus | Now ranked 44/46 on Map!
Tempus | Gained 200.0 Soldier points!
pozi papa Mar 25 @ 8:04pm 
thanks 4 the shoutouts :)