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You'll get confused as why my profile picture is different with my username right?
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No preference on what genre to play, if it looks fun, I'll play it
My fav genre is co-op shooter game, be it first or third person.
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I make some mods for PAYDAY 2 on Mod Workshop []

Here's some of it []

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Aing pusing wae Nov 25 @ 4:43am 
please i need teacher like u
Manhattan Nov 17 @ 2:10pm 
I have added you to talk about a fix on a common problem in payday 2 with custom magazines.
CARBOMBA Sep 19 @ 2:38pm 
i wanted to ask how you take requests for creating add on weapons to payday 2 becouse im intrested in creating some models and im wondering how much it costs?
null Aug 27 @ 2:44am 
I wanted to ask you about a bug I have with the XM25 scope
Isaaaaas Aug 20 @ 4:55pm 
i say your franchi SPAS-15 and i think thats an amazing work :D, thats a good reason to add
koiso Jun 2 @ 6:45am 
added to play raid whit u