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Kainey s 11 minutes ago
That is fucking amazing, LOL you guys fucked up so hard, this fucker lost the round 15-9 on purpose
because i left before he defused it, HAHAHA they comeback from 15-9 and draw 15-15
this fucker was so salty in the chat, probably one of the funniest things ive ever seen, i took the 30 minute ban,
these guys took the fuckin biggest 'L' in csgo history, Ever heard of karma you fuckin virgin.

Gooday: lol no
The Gay Devil: lol why
Gooday: your fucking terrible
The Gay Devil: cool like youre any better lmaoroflstomp
Gooday: least i sit positive when i play eagle games
Gooday: 10-18
Gooday: topkek
The Gay Devil: first game in a week dont care lol
The Gay Devil: get on like youre outstanding give over
Gooday: i am
Gooday: im amazing
The Gay Devil: k
Gooday: sponsored by bamba's corner
The Gay Devil: k
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LELYOU: bamba's corner
Fuze: yes

Seven Ate Nein - ????: I'm 5th

SmashehhhBaby:): my cheats are the 5th

SmashehhhBaby:): what u on about

Seven Ate Nein - ????: FUK UP

SmashehhhBaby:): ok :(
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Let's have kids
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