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DLCS are big gay
Yes, but you will need to run it on lower graphics settings.
Sep 6 @ 3:40pm
In topic Grim Treatments Beta 1 Survey
i found a bug you added dlcs after saying that you would not
♥♥♥♥ you tripwire and your DLC crap
Sep 4 @ 5:53am
In topic DLC 10 dollars weapon?
Originally posted by XVII:
Will you guys still pay $10 for a gun you like?
I honestly don't like the Ion Thruster but I do like the Rhino.
Like the Rhino only because it is a revolver, and I like revolvers.
That is just me and the pricing is a lot for a gun but, I can't resist that new revolver, I need it.
Wow it's my clone! #revolversarethebestgunever
Sep 2 @ 5:12pm
In topic The game has aged like wine
Like your mom.
Aug 30 @ 9:46am
In topic Screenshots
It wont let me take screen shots, does anyone else have this problem?
Aug 15 @ 12:47pm
In topic HRG
There going to run out of ideas for that gay crap soon.
There mixed right now but I think we can do better! Bad reviews are the only way to tell the devs that we don't like the idea of DLCs :cozyspaceengineersc: I like KF2 a lot, I have 570 hours in just KF2. I feel like these DLCs will ruin the game. Yes KF1 has DLCs, and yes I own most of them, and it blows. They ruined the game, and they will do the same to this one. + the devs said they would not add DLCs and now there trying to add them. :Alberts:
Aug 10 @ 10:38am
In topic Well bois!
Yes they had DLCs in KF1 and they sucked. The devs said they would not have DLCs in KF2 and now they want to add them. is it really that far off to do DLC maps and zeds next?
Aug 10 @ 10:37am
In topic Well bois!
Originally posted by Justavian Batrez:
Gotta love the amount of people that are ♥♥♥ hurt over a few paid weapons

But then again, these children probably never played the original Killing Floor to begin with, which may explain why theyre acting all surprised when Tripwire tries taking a more logical approach towards their financial issues

And for those saying some madeup bullish!t about “paid maps and bosses”, please just shut the hell up and get out of your own way

Everybody knows microtransactions are a poor way to make money in the gaming industry these days, which is why TW is going back to the ol’ DLC days of KF1/Yeah, sure, game development is more expensive than it was about 6 or 7 years ago, but theres no way in sh!t TW will try and charge players on anything additional besides skins and weapons

Bottom line is: If they didn’t charge for it then, they won’t charge for it now/They made plenty of money off the DLCs from KF1, and it’s almost guaranteed they’ll do just fine doin the same sh!t they did then

Half ♥♥♥♥♥ assumptions will do nothing but hurt the game that players want to watch grow
Lol so wrong.
Aug 10 @ 7:57am
In topic Well bois!
Originally posted by Gunner Teemo:
funny guys very funny...
It's only paid weapon dlc's
All new maps and zeds are for FREE.
They wont be free for long if ppl or ok with paying for weapons. What do you think will happpen next?
Aug 10 @ 7:05am
In topic Well bois!
Originally posted by ACPL Jon:
I hope for a Premium subscribtion, it's about time. So you can always find a slot on a official server, only for 25 $ a month AND the knowledge you're booting out someone poorer than you.

Oh boy, this thrill alone is worth even more.
Aug 10 @ 6:45am
In topic Well bois!
After saying they would not have DLCs they went ahead and added them, so now that KF2 is pay to win what do you think is next? Maps? or zeds that you have to pay to unlock, maybe bosses?
Aug 9 @ 11:57pm
In topic Dear Tripwire
All ready have bud.
Aug 9 @ 3:22pm
In topic Rip TWI and KF2
The DLCs are stupid.
Well it was a good game when it lasted...But adding DLCs ♥♥♥♥ that, They said they would not add them after the back lash from KF1, and now they add them anyways...I liked tripwire, but this is gay AF.
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