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Florent   Ile-de-France, France
Developer for the Star Wars Game "Foxtrot Squadron" our website https://foxtrotsquadronstudio.com , if you want contact

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"Le passé est soldé, le présent vous échappe, songez à l'avenir."
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• Coruscant V2 - Discontinued
• Coruscant - Discontinued
• rp_coruscant_underworld - Need Update
• Mygeeto - Need Update (WIP)
• Utapau - WIP Waiting Textures
• Rhen Var - Planning Update in few weeks
• Felucia - WIP ETA 2-3 days
• Ringo Vinda - Later
• Ryloth - Blueprint WIP
• Cato Nemoidia - Blueprint WIP
• Malastar - Later

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Mygeeto was a frigid, crystalline planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Lurmen species. An InterGalactic Banking Clan stronghold, it was aligned with the Confederacy of Inde
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[SoG] Aranir Jun 14 @ 8:05am 
Pourquoi suis-je un collabo mes chers amis
thd Jun 12 @ 1:53pm 
[2eFusGre] starwarss Jun 12 @ 1:07pm 
aranir collabo 2.0
[SoG] Aranir Jun 12 @ 12:58pm 
Cc toi
RoZeL | CSGO500.com | IG Jun 10 @ 8:57am 
Hey, Akiran! I'm adding you because I want to make a remake of your map into a large Coruscant city with the Senate, Council and the underground world. I only need the underground world of your map "Coruscant" if you will allow me to make a remake, then the only thing I need is the original VMF file, Thanks for reading ;D
Would like to talk to an old friend :)