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:wasted: Read below before you add me or offer
Atualmente offline
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Potential Online Times
GMT/UTC 8pm-10am, ET 3pm-5am, PT 12pm-2am, Hawaii 10am-12am, Japan 5am-7pm

Invites - Do not add me unless:
* winners - I will add you, but if you want to add me then post name of game won on my profile comments.
* member of akagumo group, comment "i am akagumo"
* or anything else, post a comment on my profile to exactly why you added me.
do not add me for trades, please send a trade offer.

Chat me when we are both online, and you are ready to activate and mark received.
Please be at your computer and not mobile.
Please don't chat me if I am playing.

Trade Offer
Send your best offer. I do not have time for negotiations. If I decline your offer you can make a better offer if you desire. I do not trade with people that have private profiles.
TF2 items (on pages 2 - 12 ie 50/page or 3 - 24 in inventory 25/page) for tf2 keys/metal or overpay.
Dupe Emoticons
Dupe Backgrounds
Foil Trading Cards
Trading Cards
Games for games on my wish list
Itens disponíveis para troca
Trocas feitas
Transações no Mercado
Selling tf2 items on pages 1 - 12 only. http://tf2b.com/tf2/akagumo and some steam tradable games and game keys
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Hi everyone. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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SammiCerise 31 Dez, 2020 às 18:47 
Happy New Year!!
Titoio 15 Abr, 2020 às 20:55 
I'm having some problems with my humble account, may I add you just for a little question you'll be able to answer in few words pease? Thanks for your time
⭐SoMuchDutch 30 Mar, 2020 às 13:41 
SammiCerise 29 Mar, 2020 às 11:51 
Happy Birthday akagumo! May you continue to level up and be awesome!
a2065727 21 Fev, 2020 às 17:10 
I am akagumo
I won the game defcon.
thanks :2019clover:
Kotsune 8 Jan, 2020 às 7:40