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Posted: Feb 11 @ 4:27am
Updated: Feb 25 @ 5:40am

It just doesn't feel like there is enough change between Democracy 3... or even previous games, to warrant stamping another one. Literally feels like only a few new policies are added. Balance is weird, your actions are too limited, parties system is still primitive and pointless, popularity often doesn't make any sense.

It's just too samey, too shoddy, too boring, not innovative enough.


I have seen this video but I can't help how I feel when I am playing this game. I have Democracy 3 on Steam and I have played Democracy 2. Graphics are getting slicker, but it just feels like you are re-releasing the same game over and over, while adding new policies and 1 or 2 core features. Every new version might as well be called a "remake" of the old version. Or perhaps every new game is a more polished version of the previous game.

I realize that this is more of an "arcade political simulator", trying to balance out budget versus policies, watching the sliders rise or decline and getting your dopamine fix, but it just doesn't hold up to similarly priced, much bigger and more interesting games anymore. At the very least I'd expect deeper parties system, something to actually matter and have impact on the game, just a bit more realism.

Political/pr one-shot actions are weird, stats are unexplained, watching and waiting for that damn support slider every time you address population is infuriating. The end verdict is - I am just not having fun anymore and I feel like I am playing the same game from before with minuscule, mostly cosmetic changes.
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Developer response:
cliffski  [developer] Posted: Feb 25 @ 5:06am
There are a HUGE number of changes between Democracy 3 and Democracy 4. We made a video ages ago about it:
And there are tons more since then.
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dazchef Mar 2 @ 1:20pm 
you could be a boris johnhson and have a party.and rob your people.see how you get on:steamthumbsup: :steamhappy: