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There's been a lot of games I've played that had this amazing gameplay, but in the end were not that memorable because their story was too bent for the gameplay and fell flat because of it. Danganronpa does not take this route once. If you are craving a game with a story that will hook you, a story that will make you stop thinking about other things, a story that will make you fear loss, tremble and cry out, this is the game you will want to buy.

Its premise already had me surprised and amazed, but how this story progresses and plays with one's emotions is just amazing. There's a huge cast of characters, and absolutely none of them feel less important than the rest. They all are very unique, but in their own ways important to the overall story. In the beginning, I absolutely couldn't possibly imagine how the story, the characters, and their relations would develop.

The soundtrack is pretty long and has all kinds of songs. They fit the game very well, and especially during school life (everyday life + investigations) heavily support the atmosphere and tension. Granted, a few songs from the trials are a bit of a mess and I didn't like listening to them for longer periods, but all other songs are really fitting.

The gameplay itself I can't stop myself from comparing to Phoenix Wright. They have a lot of similarities, but there's also many differences. The games have the investigations + trials structure in common. However, once a trial starts, the differences really start to surface. Phoenix Wright is mostly about cross examinations of witnesses while Danganronpa has a round table for discussions and a few other gimmicky modes. Yes, I used gimmicky precisely because it's kind of derogatory. I felt like everything besides the discussion round was kinda implemented to be different from Phoenix Wright, and none of them feel very solid. It's not a huge issue and didn't lessen my enjoyment of the game overall, but it did always throw the atmosphere off a bit.

The discussion round itself is well done, however often too easy. Maybe I'm just used to Phoenix Wright being rather unforgiving: In cross examinations, every part of a testimony can be pressed on for more details and all evidence can be presented at every part of this testimony. In Danganronpa however, even on the highest difficuly only a selected few parts of the evidence can be presented only at selected parts of the discussion. This basically tells the player here is where you need to present something, and you have such a small selection of evidence it becomes really obvious. Now this did obviously help keep the flow of the story going, but at times I wanted to tell the characters stop thinking about this, it's so obvious!. They of course wouldn't have the HUD basically telling them what to present.

Now this is crying from a rather high horse. The story is undoubtedly the best I have experienced in a game so far. I'd also call the character cast the most unique and well written I've encountered, and the soundtrack is also memorable and solid. I do have some gripes with the trial gameplay, but that's really all I have to complain about here. The gameplay outside of trials is great.

I've never played a game this much in such a short time. I simply couldn't put it down. Give it a try if you want to be part of a dark, unforgiving story of despair and hope.

Technical details

Intel Xeon e3-1231v3
Nvidia GTX 970
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Xbox Elite Controller
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720p (native TV)
Posted July 5, 2017. Last edited July 5, 2017.
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The game is short, and so will be my review.

planetarian is an incredibly beautiful, yet very sad story. The developer is known for their games having a huge emotional impact on their audience, and this one is no different. I can only recommend anyone to experience their incredible stories.
Posted February 15, 2017.
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Now that I have completed the story, maxed out all characters and grinded the best gear, it's time for a review.

I bought this game back in 2015, finished the first chapter, could not manage to defeat a boss in the second and put it away until December last year. I then got hooked by it and played it frequently. A lot. The game has quite deep and challenging gameplay. The characters (and there are a lot!) are all very diverse, combining them makes for very different tactics and gameplay style. The story is not the deepest in itself, but the dialogue is sometimes quite cheeky, and always a lot of fun.

This is the best way to describe this game anyways: A lot of fun. The characters and their interactions make up a huge portion of the game. Bundled with the great gameplay, I have no reason not to wholeheartedly recommend this game.
Posted February 7, 2017.
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Early Access Review
This game is absolutely brilliant, well worth the money and a perfect showcase of what the HTC Vive is capable of.

It supports playing standing, but that will not make it justice and you will notice that immediately. Once you have prepared your playspace, you will end up not just walking. You will jump through the room, crawl on the floor and generally do a lot of moves you will notice in your muscles the next day.

The weapons in this game are very diverse and heavily affected by gravity. This is very well executed and gives the game a very realistic feeling, albeit how unrealistic the look and entire scenario are.

Playing this with friends and comparing scores is a lot of fun and an entire evening can be over faster than one might expect.

If you had the money to afford a Vive, passing out on this title would be a damn shame. This is a must buy in my opinion. No one I let this game play was not having a blast.
Posted November 29, 2016. Last edited November 29, 2016.
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Uplay came with a game update, crashes upon startup, made the game unplayable. Thank you for reminding me not to give you any money ever again, Ubisoft.
Posted January 4, 2016.
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I write reviews so rarely. But this game needs one. Let me give you five reasons why.

1st: The loading times.

I have no idea why this game loads so incredibly long. I can basically get some coffee while I'm joining a session (or loading story mode, for that matter). It's not my connection and definitely not my computer. My friends have the same issues.

2nd: The netcode.

Whatever they did there, they failed horribly. It's incredible how this game just sucks your internet connection dry. I can play it. But everyone who does not have a 16Mbit/s connection or a slower computer has serious lags that make the game nearly unplayable.

3rd: The stability.

When the game came out, you were not able to switch back to fullscreen mode. The screen remained black and the game needed to be shut down. They fixed that one at least. I also don't get any crashes personally. BUT: I know at least three people who get them regularily, one of them is in my heist team, so we need to restart heists from time to time which sucks badly.

4th: The Social Club.

Why the HELL does that garbage even exist anymore? Basically everything the Social Club does can also be done through Steam. When I want to open a party in Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2, I just invite people through Steam. So when you implement a DRM like Social Club in your game, why not just STEAM? The social features of Steam have NEVER failed me. Social Club does on a regular basis. Not only do invites not reach me often, even if they do, they are heavily delayed.

But the worst part about Social Club by FAR is the security. I have no idea if it is still the case, but in the first few weeks, THOUSANDS of accounts were stolen. Hell, a friend needed nearly two weeks to get his account back (at least he did eventually), and it was not because he had a weak password, but because even HE was able to get into other people's accounts after he researched a bit on the topic!

5th: The most dickish move a publisher could actually make.

We write the 11th of June. People are eagerly awaiting the Steam sale to buy a game which has been out on consoles for YEARS now. They don't want to pay 60€ for it. Might be because they don't want to BECAUSE it is such an old game, or because they simply don't want or can spend that much money on a single game. Whatever is true, does not matter at all. They just awaited at least a -15 or -20% deal on the game as we always get during such sales.

But what happens? With the start of the Steam sale, Rockstar releases "DLCs" that just give you in-game money you can also get through normally doing heists. They bundle the game with one of those DLCs so the price increases to 75€. But HEY, people still want their sale, right? So we do a -15€ discount so the game basically matches the usual 60€ price tag! People will love that, right? RIGHT?

NO, they freakin' don't! And while I DID pay the full 60€ when the game came out, I regretted it so much since then. And I was one of the people who defended Rockstar so much in the beginning. "Yeees, the game is years old, BUT that does not make the gameplay worse. It also has much better graphics than PS4 and XBone. It is even a good port this time!"

So while the story is pretty enjoyable, everything else about this game is not. It has pretty much destroyed it for me. I'm not sure if I will even finish the goddamn story.
Posted June 12, 2015. Last edited December 22, 2015.
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