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Hello! Thanks for looking at my profile!! All information listed below!

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Updated 1/3/2018

Favorite Games!

DotA 2 - Blatantly my favorite game ever. I have been playing for almost 5 years with over 2000 games and 8000 hours on various accounts. It is hard to describe why the game is good and why I keep playing, but I think it comes down to the infinite possibilies and variablities in each game that makes me keep coming back for more. It takes a long time to learn, but in the end it was worth it as I've enjoyed 5 years of playing it rather frequently.

Battlerite - Absolutely fantastic MOBA. For me it has a chill atmosphere while retaining the excitement of a game like DotA 2 or League. There is lots of strategy and lots of fun to be found in Battlerite and it is also Free 2 Play. The entire time you are basically locked in a teamfight against 2 or 3 opponents with 1 or 2 teammates fighting to the death which is why it is so exciting. It brings the thrill of teamfights without the need to grind gold for 15 minutes before actually doing anything.

PUBG - I enjoy playing this with friends, and apparently some people enjoy playing it solo, but in my opinion it is not worth your time if you have no one to play with. The game is more fun the more skilled you get so if you enjoy getting skilled in video games this is a great game to do it. My favorite shooter nowadays and definetly recommend it as its recent update has done a good job fixing the game.

Skyrim - I have not played this game in a long time and just revisited it recently. If you are able to tolerate the single player quiet atmosphere than you will definetly enjoy Skyrim. So much amazing fun things to do in the game and unlimited possiblities to expand your characters power and knowledge. Definetly my favorite single player game of all time.

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Trading and Market Information

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Hi, my name is max :dip: and I would like to trade MY :SBchicken: items for YOURS :tongue:. That is why I am going to make YOU :majinbuu: send ME :heyred: a trade offer. Thanks and have a nice day. :B1:
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