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Manners Maketh Man   Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
:templars: Semper Fidelis.
:Molag: Persistent Kingdoms Youtuber:
:honor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxQ3T2_aOdPGBhdAG-d4DaQ

:warplate1: ABOUT ME:

:KneelingBow: -Real Name: αιτοr :praisesun:
:OhNoBlue: -Age: 16 :Imperial:
:Crowned: -Nacionality: Spain :spain:
:SlyNinja: -Things I Love: You, Myself, Warband, Total War, LOTR & GoT
:HanzosShadow: -Things I Hate: Toxic People, Clan Hoppers, Liars & Traitors

:warband: ABOUT PW | PK:

:windhelm: -House Mormont: GrandMaester & Bannerman - Disbanded
:solitude: -Coronas Ibéricas: Bannerman & Squire - Disbanded
:riften: -North Sea Empire: Levy - Left
:whiterun: -Kingdom of Lorraine: Footman - Disbanded
:markarth: -Nilfgaardian Empire: Footman - Left
:falkwreath: -Holy Roman Empire: Knight - Current

:Attacker: ABOUT Napoleonics Wars:

:shellshock: -Guardia Real: Soldado de Primera [9DivS] - Left
:CrossedBlades: -3ª División: Fusilero [8RegS] - Disbanded
:SkullNBones: -1º Batallon de Galicia: Regular - Disbanded

:mount: ABOUT Mercenaries:

:BallandChain: -Knights of the Shadows: Member - Disbanded
:Attacked: -Order of Teutonic: Member - Left
:HuntressMoon: -Alone in the Dark: Founder - Disbanded
:Dominated: -Coalición Imperial: Member - Current

:lord: RELIGION:

⚫⚫⚪⚪Full engage no skey⚫⚫⚫


:waaagh: -Canta towards Phoenix Admins:
Hello friend, we go to the server, thanks to the administrators there,
thanks for declaring us warriors when there are only 5 CI soldiers
against 20 banners to call banners, great example as the hans that
declares us to do this shit, I play for amuse me, then they resport us
by clog, and ban my leaders we are up to the balls, you are a good
person as admin but sometimes some people who send here are
passed and that did not allow it, we want to keep this alive and the
only thing they do is joderno so nothing, a greeting Canta.
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menos warband y mas pubertad
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menos warband y mas pubertad
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If i kms its cus of aitor
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