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Salt/quotes/hackusations from pubs

Etney : pussy bitch cant do anything but spawncamp

revert: i just cant stand bad teamates
revert: and even worse the ones that decide to play medic and act like the wheel hasnt been invented yet

*DEAD* JackTheBunny : stupid aimbot

*DEAD* big brain : u only killed me because i ran out of health

*DEAD* CUPHEAD : kick alex pls

*DEAD* krawtch : what must life be like for the pyro main
krawtch : like can you operate doorknobs

LINK'S LEGEND : do you like cheese stop shooting my ass off

*DEAD* CreedAssassin : lol alex tryharding
*DEAD* CreedAssassin : what a loser

raisins: alex u are 100 special

*DEAD* coolpool221 : vey nice aimbot
coolpool221 : very

Big White Delight : geeze why do i always get the super dense hl players
*DEAD* Big White Delight : ares is trash anyways

*DEAD* Hootington III : WALLS LOL
*DEAD* Hootington III : HA

*DEAD* Hootington III : ares
*DEAD* Hootington III : abnned
*DEAD* Hootington III : ez
*DEAD* Hootington III : blatant fucking walls
Hootington III : pathetic
Hootington III : Red kick Ares cheating

*DEAD* Spookwagen II : alex is hacking

bala *qt*: well women..
bala *qt*: just get money if you want women

(TEAM) sirkittycat772 : i named my recue ranger power ranger

*DEAD* Dotsy : dude sniping in pubs loool

knifer (deal with it) : yi mfriendly you try ahrd bitch

*DEAD* DeathButt985 : alex has killed me like three times in a row
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : jesus
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : gg fam

*DEAD* DeathButt985 : alex what the fuck
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : oof

Vegan : I'm vegan

*DEAD* godzilla : alex is too good
godzilla : 2gud

*DEAD*(TEAM) sorry : damn daniel i want to kill myself

Badcatalex : Ajax is using aim hacks and assist

hae : kick peepee poopoo boy
hae : he is cheating

Jarinthunder : 'diaper pee pee boy'
Jarinthunder : honestly where do people with names like this come from
Jarinthunder : they just crawl out from a rock somewhere and play tf2 its great

TheSpagoot : butt is hacking

*DEAD* [+DG+] Sir_Castic : you're a spawn camper and you're going to hell

*DEAD* Impending Broom : alex no1 likes you kys

Notorious big : Fuck you Gaben I am divorcing you.

*DEAD* Le_Beholder[DG] : butt is aimhax

*DEAD* PixilatedSarin : nice aimbot

Monster2821 : go suck a dick then mastur bate then go fuck your selfs

*DEAD* Dyzer560 : alex is hacker

Geiz : i need to download more ram cuz im fps is shit

Breezy : i feel like atleast one of the snipers are hacking

Blueboy : het alex are u blind? can you see this at all or u dont know how to tipe becuse your retared XD

*DEAD* lol_man150 : wooaaaah
*DEAD* lol_man150 : its a good sniper

*DEAD* VioletDoggo #RemoveRandomCrits : oh god its alex
*DEAD* lol_man150 : oh
*DEAD* lol_man150 : what do you mean oh god its alex

Lyricus : yup alexshit is here.he is a known cheater fyi
Lyricus : alex times reported:441
Lyricus : lol?
Lyricus : I know u not good kid.enjoy vac.youve got caught
Lyricus : cool twitching alexshit....still using the older version?
Lyricus : yup alexbot indeed....make a new account trash and play clean on it.videos sent to steam.Im done
Lyricus left the game (Disconnect by user.)

ExcaliburIV : kick alex fucking hacker you shot me through a fucking wall

Fat Frozone : alex is hacking
*DEAD* Fat Frozone : hacks
*DEAD* Fat Frozone : om alex the hack

alex : getawhale arent you bald
Getawhale -tt : yes
alex : haha
alex : you have unfavorable genes

*DEAD* BiG tHicC eNerGy : alex are you using aimbot

*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : alex aimbot

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lego skeleton (scary) Dec 16 @ 9:53am 
added because of a hud related question, dont worry it'll take just a minute and will involve 0% of you working
*SgOkNaD* Dec 15 @ 12:30pm 
stupid looser your a hacker..
b123nny Dec 4 @ 9:50am 
diamond sword gang gang
jays Dec 3 @ 9:59pm 
sans from the popular sandbox video game minecraft
SWAGGERDEMON Dec 3 @ 6:09pm 
just tell them doombringer uses ur hud. simple...
penanghill Dec 1 @ 8:18pm 
+rep Definetyly one of the best people to trade with. I took a while to sell all of my items to get pure and was very patient