Rest In Pieces
Andrew Kuehler   Manhattan, Kansas, United States
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Get this game on sale and give it some time. I got the game and season pass for $5 and was very satisfied with my purchase. It gets a whole lot better the more time you invest in it. Also, run this game in borderless windowed mode, not full screen. It will crash from time to time, and this will make it easier to recover.

All of that said, this is the best 7/10 game that I've ever played. It's obviously not perfect. There are plenty of non-game-breaking glitches, reuse of objects and textures, and other general jankyness that come from your run of the mill 7/10 game. The overall look of the game though is VERY good, even by 2018 standards. It's also decently well optimized. Overall, The story is pretty good, and the underlying gameplay is fun. Granted, the base game doesn't really have a unique bone in its body, but it does everything pretty well. The base game plays as a run of the mill Ubisoft open world, perhaps with a bit more scripted story sequences interspersed. The DLC is a real high point. All three episodes, while short, are excellent and very much worth playing. They take an otherwise unsatisfying ending of the base game and wrap it up nicely.


Original Review below after 3 hours of play:

It has all the elements and potential to be fun. It definitely is intriguing for the first 30 minutes. Then you see what you're gonna get, and then it crashes... four times in an hour. It's mediocre, but I totally would have finished it. I saw it on a 7/10 game list, so I was prepared for that. I just wasn't prepared for all the crashes. Too bad.

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Pilnok Jun 7, 2009 @ 3:44pm 
Are they really? They were 5 dollars for all of them, and looked interesting..

Now I'm afraid.
Pilnok Jun 2, 2009 @ 12:44am 
IT'S NOT AS SCARY AS I THOUGHT! Killing Floor however.. looks horrifying. And I'm still a little scared of Ravenholm on Half Life 2..