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A amateurish paid mod on top of the MoW engine.
- World War 1 setting
- Similar control to many MoW games. You will be right at home if you play the MoW series since this is a mod (developers started out as a WW1 mod but turn it into a paid mod because of greed). Too bad, greed is only good if you have a good product to sell.

- Buggy MP
- Dead MP yet developer tried to pump MP content like an obsession while community begged for SP content
- Tone-deaf developer
- Greed! Nickle and dime every single piece of SP and sell them as SP campaign
- very poorly designed SP campaign (bland and boring)
Posted November 24, 2018.
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This is the MOST ARCADEY and MIND-NUMBING WW2 RTS I have ever played. Basically there's little strategy or even tactic involved. Most matches were just moving the deathball of troop toward the enemy. I didn't believe my eyes when I watched a youtuber Raptor moving his armor cars with his tank lagging behind and he still crushed the enemy. Gone was the feeling of accomplishment or even fulfillment you often get after a match on the old Blitzkrieg or Sudden Strike. I have no doubt that we will see a mobile port in a near future when this game tanks on PC.

Campaign: Forgettable. I have no motivation to move on with the campaign b/c it's generic, trivial and felt just like an extra bullet point behind the gamebox.

Gameplay: play just like a mobile game with fancy graphic. Make no mistake, if you think CoH was arcadey, this is even 10x times more. There's little flanking, manuvering or positioning of any kind. Like I said above, just make one single deathball of troop/tank and press Attack-Move. Rinse. Repeat.

Graphic: very nice with flashy and over-the-top explosion.

Audio: excellent voice over, each faction campaign has its own native speech with English subtitle for me.

Lasting Appeal:
- If you are a hardcore RTS gamer who look for the next gen WW2 RTS, look elsewhere. Spend time with Sudden Strike 4, Steel Division or Men of War Assault Squad 2.
- If you are a casual RTS gamer, go play Clash of Clan. You don't need a strong computer or $29.99 and still get a good flavor of what this game offers
- If you are a big fan of Blitzkrieg, well.. I am very sorry but this is not Blitzkrieg. Stay with Blitzkrieg 1 and save yourself some money and some sanity.

Needless to say, with this type of online-only MMO PVE and PVP gameplay shoe-horned into Blitzkrieg 3, there likely won't be a modding scene like they had with Blitzkrieg 1. What a shame!
Posted June 4, 2017.
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Early Access Review
An Electronic Arts guide on how to win over your early supporters and profit from them with a new IP (DigitalMindsoft Edition)
  1. Change your paid game to free to play so that your fan base will definitely see the generous value in supporting your new IP. This will ensure their continual support on your next IP, if there is one.
  2. Offer DLC pass for an Early Access game because certainly none of the base game will be cut and sold off as DLC contents. PROMISE! (*wink wink)
  3. Add FPS feature on an RTS game because it's supremely relevant to a real time strategy title and create more strategic depth during a match. But most importantly, COD rules, baby!
  4. Prioritize resources to make personal firearms texture look good for a RTS game (Developer Update 27).. because fans will definitely pause and admire the said firearm during an intense match from an overhead view
  5. Wonder why the MP part of your game suck and lack of players but devote little to improve the RTS gameplay and netcode.. b/c of #reason
  6. Continue to be out of touch with reality and with your RTS fan base
  7. Continue to add irrelevant features to an RTS game. May I suggest making Call to Arms into a MMO with MOBA features? FPS, MMO and MOBA are the 3 catchphrases nowadays. It will surely ADD tremendous values to this RTS game and keep it alive for a long time
  8. Think of more ways to rip off and alienate your fan base b/c they are dumb anyway and this is the only good game in town
  9. Profit and laugh all the ways to the bank
Posted May 27, 2017. Last edited May 27, 2017.
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Saw this hidden gem from my queue. I owned MW on PSN and it was my favorite game on the PS3. I've been waiting for ages and have given up hopes to ever see this on PC.. BAM! My queue shown this and it was an instant purchase.

- Superior Keyboard and Mouse set up
- Game feels natural and didn't play like a port.
- Everything from PSN is here including the online, MP map dlc
- Excellent graphic

- MP is a bit hard to find games against ppl. Maybe developers can try to integrate cross-platform support to boost up the online community?

Final Opinion: If you haven't played Mushroom Wars on PS3, then you should give this a try. It was one of the best exclusive on PS3 and this port feels natural with keyboard and mouse integration. I can actually perform more actions and my reaction time is faster as well.
Posted June 25, 2016.
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