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patillian Sep 21 @ 3:22pm 
Please stop messaging me. I am not a "trap" (I'm a girl) and even though it is cool that you are gay because it's 2021, I don't appreciate you sending me links to pictures of your schnitzel and I do not have AIDS and thus am incapable of "pozzing your hole" (I don't even have a schnitzel). If you are reading this know that this guy is a fat creep and is only looking for salami and has an unhealthy obsession with "traps". There ARE girl gamers. WE DO EXIST and not every girl on the internet is some mentally ill dude pretending to be a girl. I reported you to Steam by the way.
MASK Aug 14 @ 2:02pm 
+rep left for dead 2
bozo Jul 10 @ 12:01pm 
agro's a homie don't talk bad about him >:C
Jager Fuchs Jul 10 @ 10:47am 
Cope harder. No legit player hides behind a wall with an AWP and shoots through it more than 5 times.
agroteddybear Jul 10 @ 2:34am 
this dude is malding
Jager Fuchs Jul 10 @ 2:33am 
-rep Defends people who script in comp.