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We have mixed feelings about Vampyr. It's certainly an enjoyable, well-crafted and atmospheric experience, but it's also frustrating linear in places.

Maybe we're too blood-thirsty, but we'd like more combat, less talking and the ability to drain everyone we meet on a whim, not when we're allowed to do so. Nonetheless, Vampyr is incredibly enjoyable with hours and hours playtime for your pennies.

Read my full detailed review here - https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/reviews/144752-vampyr-review-narrative-driven-vampire-based-action-rpg

See my channel for a video review and gameplay.

A short summary in bullet-point form:

  • Small amounts of xp for giving medicine, killing skalls and vampire hunters, completing quests.

  • Focus on investigation - feels more like a Sherlock Holmes detective game than a vampire thriller

  • Combat system is a bit clunky – you need to lock on to a target before being able to easily fight them without the camera behaving in awkward manners.

  • Enemies will all pummel, shoot and attack you at the same time, but are incredibly gentlemanly and are always happy to stand back and leave you in peace while you suck on a friend's blood. So the best combat is to use a stun weapon to get to that blood as soon as you can. That blood also allows for launching special moves which deal more damage. Fighting, dodging and running use stamina – blood from biting during combat helps revitalise stamina and fill your blood reserve that can be used heal or used special moves.

  • Some of the design doesn't make much sense – drinking the blood of other vampires – especially feral vampires (Skalls) doesn't make logical sense but is basically essential during combat.

  • Respawning enemies can get quite dull. We found we'd cleared an area of the map, only to go back through it later and find the same enemies lurking there. This has its ups and downs as killing vampire hunters and hostile vampires gives you a little extra in terms of experience points, but it's also a hassle if you're just trying to move about the map frequently. For perspectives sakes, felling an enemy gets you around 5XP, while draining a characters blood can get 400XP and upwards. Considering basic abilities require 300XP you can see you need to embrace the vampire side if you want to become a powerful creature.

  • Ending a life has an effect on the area. It also tells you more about the person you killed afterwards (when you've rested) so you can have the guilt of their death on your conscience.

  • As well as respawning enemies, items seem to respawn quickly too. Cabinets in the hospital get quickly refilled, boxes on the street too. This is useful as you can use those items to craft medicine, upgrade weapons or simply to sell during trading.

  • It's a bit frustrating to not be able to just give in to your vampire instincts if you feel the need – you can't just bite and drain whoever you feel like, you first need to be able to mesmerise them and take them away somewhere you won't be seen chowing down on their neck. This seems unnecessarily restrictive. Completing a persons talking points and unlocking all their clues doesn't equal automatic blood-sucking time. You still need your mesmerising abilities to be the right level too.

  • If you're going to be a good vampire – only living on rats and skalls – why do you even need to bother talking to people?

  • The atmosphere is fantastically well crafted. Death and misery lurks on every corner. People of the East End are crush by misery and despair. The war, disease and death weigh heavy on the minds and on the area.

  • Voice dialogue and scripting is fantastically well done. Characters are interesting and have wonderful back stories, whether you care enough about that will be up to you.

  • Killing characters you come across runs the area into chaos. While healing people and preventing illness by crafting medicines to dish out to the locals can help improve an area.

  • You also come across people who need saving from attack. Failing to do so will lead to an end of their potential quests and a worsening of the surroundings. A good example happened when we found a man pinned behind a large gate, fearful of some high level Skalls trying to attack him. We saw those Skalls were twice our experience level and we wouldn’t win that fight, so we had to leave him. After resting through the day, we woke to find he had died without our help.

  • Being a vampire means you can only move about at night and need to rest during the day. We haven't seen a sense of urgency for needing to do that though….

  • The game is also well-crafted. We didn't notice any bugs in our playtime, which is a refreshing change from the buggy mess of other launches, we're looking at you State of Decay 2.

  • Character animations are quite robotic. When you're talking to them, you'll see the same actions and movements repeated over and over. Once you notice that sort of thing it can be frustrating. The characters themselves though, are likable or loathable quite quickly. We'd soon made a shortlist of people we were going to drain when the opportunity came.

  • There is certainly some feeling of a linearity to the game. Although there's a large map to explore, we often found our way was frustrated or blocked by high-level enemies, locked games or simply impassable locations. You can dash across the river in certain locations, but not all. The same for leaping great heights by changing into a swirling black cloud. But these are limited to specific areas of the map and you're not free to use those powers to get through a locked gate or over a wall.

  • Experience earnt can be used on upgrades to your abilities – attack, defence, increased health. Some of these skills certainly prove more effective than others.

  • Weapons can be upgraded with parts you find around the world. Increased in level, but also modified to do more damage, stun more quickly or drain blood during a scuffle. Upgrading is essential to support you in combat or you can't explore the map without dying. Which means not being able to get to your objectives.

All that said, I am thoroughly enjoying it so far and I'm certainly torn on whether or not to drain everyone I meet.

A more detailed review will follow.
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