deidrimos/effinx   Jersey
reflect well upon thy fate as you walk it...
how about i hit em with my meat bat that will give me a hole in one
whaddaya so angry about eh? is just a game.

yo meet my cousin he's a real flesh hound job occupation :flesh hound
hey idiot, just cus u r eu and have 100+ ping and cant get more than 1 kill dont mean other peeps r cheating.
no gg?˞˞

*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : ahahaha
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : nice trigger
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : nice
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : deason
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : deonis
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : nice cheat
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : ez ban overwatch
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : and witchester
*DEAD* -Lourex‎ : nice cheats

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kill 'em all
let god sort em out!
mesmerblade Jan 14 @ 10:18am 
hey man listen we won the game okay? sorry i noscoped your teammate from mini to lobby with a scout man im canadian
LittleBoyOnAFarm Jan 14 @ 12:43am 
you lack drip and you got a weird backgroundd
sleepyhead Jan 7 @ 8:24pm 
mesmerblade Dec 24, 2020 @ 11:24pm 
haha nice one broski
roomba Dec 24, 2020 @ 11:15pm 
I think you commented on the wrong person
xhefos Dec 4, 2020 @ 4:20pm 
+rep smells like some cabbage but hes pretty litty mctitty on the flitty :bobslime: