/// soda
soda. las vegas, nevada
hey yo.
ok leave now.
oh wait. no leave.
nevermind stay. wait don't stay. just.
im soda.
ok. bye.

im way to social to talk to anybody.
so you should probably not comment on my profile.
or message me through chat because im way to social
to think of something to say back.
i don't think much people can read sarcasm.
pretty sure you need a voice to be sarcastic
but oh i definitly have one. because that was not sarcasm ooooo
it is sarcasm.

im so sad///

you know what, maybe
take one of those small portable cannons then load it.
aim at my head and pull the trigger.
you probably heard of these things i can give you a hint
hint: its a gun
because if any of these things i just listed here can stop everything i feel.
it'd probably make me happier.
though i wouldn't feel it.
maybe a therapist can do that but after it i'd still feel stuff.
its on the list though.
hey you ever split the word therapist in two
"the rapist"

any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

im not smart but i know
this is one of clarkes three laws
could be easily searched on google
but i saw it spray painted on a wall
kinda liked the sound of it ever since
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ok hi
im not fizz-ically in pain.
im mentally in pain.

im soda.