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When it was discussed a year and a half ago in this board, it was eventually sorta reasoned that it's a stylished choice to mirror trying to suggest that the text was written by a machine from the game. Apparently it's even more obvious in Japanese, but they basically try to copy how machines are subtitled in the game.
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In topic Great game, bad port.
More likely reason? Platinum Games were only kept on-board for 1½ month for post-release support (while they also finalized and developed the DLC), which they provided, although with a focus on PS4 and bug fixes for quests and progression.

The fullscreen issue is literally changing a 2 to a 0 in the code, and would take a developer familiar with the engine a minute or so at most to correct.
Denuvo doesn't use any kernel drivers, nor does it affect anything beyond the game itself. It's basically just a minor wrapper around the Steam DRM of the game that exists in the executable of the game.

When the game isn't running, Denuvo isn't running. When the game is uninstalled, Denuvo is uninstalled.

Originally posted by Washell:
Is Steam actually BBCode? I was under the impression they lifted the syntax because the old forums were BBCode but built their own underlying system.

For all intents and purposes, yes. What defines markup languages typically is not what underlying system or code is used to translate the markup language to the proper code, but the markup language itself. The markup language, synatx, tags, and such on these discussion boards are of the same style as BBCode, with some minor tweaks and new tags implemented to match the needs of Valve.
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In topic will this game get more dlcs?
The game haven't been updated since late April 2017, nor have any new DLC been released since then.
Originally posted by Oblê:
also, im getting a random quest visual freeze as soon as i join a new quest. it's stuck on a frame of me entering through my pterodactyl but i can still open menus and move but the main visuals are on that 1 frame. leaving the quest removes it but joining the (same) quest brings it back to the pterodactyl entrance frame

EDIT: hitting shift+F2 and changing the SMAA options to on allows the game to render in the red-green-black visuals but once turned off, it freezes on the last frame again

Do you use that ”Disable Motion Blur/Depth of Field” mod? I believe that causes it.
Sep 20 @ 8:37pm
In topic Gamepad Question
XInput refers to the API the controller and game uses to talk with one another. Before the XInput API and Xbox 360 controller came along to Windows, we only had the legacy ”DirectInput” API. DirectInput was annoying and confusing as it as an interface didn’t have any predetermined features or number of buttons, requiring gamepad users to manually configure every game on a per-game basis when they launched the game. It also didn’t have any standard way of conveying information or showing which button the player intended to press, so all buttons ended up being referred to as ”Button 1/2/3/4/5/etc”, and buttons could be arranged differently between controllers as well.

Xbox 360 controller and the XInput interface made away with that confusing mess of a thing, and started to refer to buttons as their unique names instead. For example, button A is always the A button at the bottom of the four main action buttons, and it is green, and primarily intended for ”OK, Agree, etc” actions.

XInput even defines subcontroller types like how a guitar is intended to function, what button goes where, etc. This all ensures cross-vendor compatibility for all controllers that implement and make use of the XInput API.
Sep 20 @ 2:27pm
In topic Gamepad Question
The Xbox 360 controller is the very first XInput controller ever released :)

Should work fine.
Sep 20 @ 11:19am
In topic Do I need DLC if I want 100% achievements?
The DLC does not add any additional achievements.
Sep 20 @ 11:18am
In topic Prolog is too hard on easy
Enable auto-plug-in chips in the pause menu.
Sep 20 @ 9:12am
In topic Game plays 30 cutscenes at 60 tho?
Originally posted by Mushi:
intel hd 4600

There's the reason.

The cutscenes of the game is pre-rendered as usual, and most of them are actually recorded and played back at 30 FPS even if you do not notice it.

Here's a GPU comparison with the HD 4600 and the lowest minimum required GPU:
Originally posted by milan616:
Originally posted by HolyDeath3000:
Correct. From Dragon Quest XI SK Mod. ;) Just gotta grab the version and no higher. Otherwise it will crash.

Any direct benefits to MHW, or is this mostly for reshade changes?

The focus is on extending the HDR functionality of Special K right now, so if you do not have a HDR monitor then you'll not really get any difference. It might also have minor other bug fixes for Special K, but generally speaking the version linked in this thread is the most stable in relation to MHW.
The patch is still being worked on according to SteamDB: The last publicly released patch was released 14 days ago:

They'll most likely release the new patch any day now based on the changes in the vendor2 branch of the game today.
Originally posted by Sh3rryMH:
Originally posted by Aemony:

Those logs are from a Windows 7 machine. Were they created before the reinstall, or after? As in, are the logs from your old Windows 7 install that I assume you had previously?

On Windows 10, you'll want to install all of the below prerequisites:
- Visual C++ 2017 redist 32 bit:
- Visual C++ 2017 redist 64 bit:
- DirectX End-User Runtime:
Those logs are from Windows 10, I have installed all of the prerequisites and it just doesn't start. I had the mod in Windows 7 and it worked perfectly until I switched to w10

Okay, then Special K/the game doesn't even run properly in the first place, so the logs are never updated, because they're filled with Windows 7 stuff ("win7sp1", "6.1", etc).

Open the Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application and look for 1-2 crash logs that gets created when you launch the game. Those should contain more information about why the game doesn't even launch properly.

Also, what version of Windows 10 are you using? Run "winver" to see that.
Sep 19 @ 9:34am
In topic cant launch the game
Remove all compatibility settings that might exist on the game executable or the Steam executable.
Originally posted by Ace Of Pilots:
Just received a MGS Sound alert which usually means the mod was able to log a crash but i dont see any logs written in my documents folder

The logs folder is in the game folder.
Sep 18 @ 8:44pm
In topic Weird screen tearing issue
Use FAR and override the refresh rate by opening dinput8.ini and changing RefreshRate=-1 to a more appropriate value.
Originally posted by Sh3rryMH:
Hello, I just installed Windows 10 form a fresh installation and reinstalled the mod. The problem is the mod doesn't start. Here are the logs (in order as the op)

Thanks in advance!

Those logs are from a Windows 7 machine. Were they created before the reinstall, or after? As in, are the logs from your old Windows 7 install that I assume you had previously?

On Windows 10, you'll want to install all of the below prerequisites:
- Visual C++ 2017 redist 32 bit:
- Visual C++ 2017 redist 64 bit:
- DirectX End-User Runtime:
Sep 16 @ 1:44pm
In topic FAR?
Originally posted by (OTG)tonyhsloanejr(Gae'len Fade:
Thank you. So basically I thought I was playing in 4k but I've really been playing in 3325 if I'm understanding you correctly.

Pretty much, yeah.
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