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Aug 6 @ 1:22pm
In topic Horizon Forbidden West.
Originally posted by WoefulProphet:
I find it rather arrogant of Sony to assume that the common consumer will invest almost a grand in their PS5 system just for 1 game, or even a few exclusive titles....

If it is anything like it usually is, they're probably not even making any profits on users that purchases the console for a single game, since the console is often sold at a loss while the profits are made through e.g. the online subscription or game purchases.

Though then again, that's just my own guess.

That said, people who do purchase a console/platform solely for one or a few games does exist. I did it with Horzion: Zero Dawn and the PS4 Pro back in 2017, and did it this year with the PS5 and Forbidden West just to name one.

In fact one can argue that most console/device purchases by the "common consumer" (whom is not a "core gamer" -- aka within the gaming community and well informed of mostly everything) were made by their interest in just one or a few games available on that platform. This is especially true for parents or uninformed consumers -- they see an ad of a Nintendo Switch and one or couple of games available on it, and ends up purchasing the device because that/those games end up sparking their interest.
Aug 5 @ 10:41pm
In topic First technical impressions
Originally posted by Pesebrero:
Originally posted by lauriys:
  • -gl
  • -directx
  • -dx12
use in command line arguments
Thank you, this will be extra helpful since I am running the game on Linux.

Hopefully Proton/Wine won't experience the same weird stutter that the PC version seems to constantly experience... I recommend you check with a frame pacing (frame time) graph -- I think Proton includes one?

Also, note that they're proxying a CEF window into the game through CEFHelperProcess.exe, which may or may not end up causing challenges for you -- it did for the Special K modding tool on Windows. 🤣
Aug 5 @ 10:29pm
In topic First technical impressions
Originally posted by Ð⍙︎ℕ︎ ♎♂:
you are asking for Master Race specifications and resolutions to people who until yesterday programmed games for mobile, where already a 720p is a super quality and 60 FPS the maximum of life. It is a world, that of mobile games, even worse than the console world.

These folks only think about making money, they haven't even put the possibility to bring the saves from Android, and they could easily do it... they only care that you buy in the app, nothing else.

Your post is both commendable but incredibly naive.

Mate, the game supports 120 FPS on Sony Xperia, which is why I brought it up:

The resolution aspect is even easier, as all the groundwork has been done based on my peak behind the scenes of the D3D11 backend.

Beyond that, I find it interesting that you find the post incredibly naive, as if I ever uttered an expectation of them actually fulfilling anything that I brought up.

This was and remains a post about my first and basically only impressions of this game. I have no expectations or desires at all since this is not a game I intend to actually play.

The timeline of events were essentially:

1. A random user brought up that they couldn’t inject the modding tool I am involved in into the game.

2. I investigated the game, figured out the user’s issue, figured out the game supported 3(!!) separate render backends on PC, supported a decoupled internal render resolution, and even supported 120 FPS on mobile.

3. Noticed seemingly nobody within the Steam community had brought up any of this before, which allowed me to showcase my own self-proclaimed brilliance and skills while bringing to light the fact that the game lacks proper 4K resolution but supports three different rendering backends on PC, which might be relevant to someone somewhere, while also bringing up these more-than-possible features in the remote chance of someone at the dev team going “oh, PC users have shown an interest! We really should add that as an option!”

This is more self gratification and gesture to the community than anything else — I did not actually write this with any expectations or desires of the dev implementing any of it. If they do, hey, that’s great! But if they don’t then that’s also fine because the post still fulfills the other purposes.
Aug 4 @ 12:44am
In topic First technical impressions

I was made aware of this game by another user and investigated it a bit, and here's my first impressions.

  • The D3D12, D3D11, and OpenGL render backends all have a weird constant stutter all the time. Use MSI Afterburner/RTSS's frametime graph to see it in action. Weirdly enough just using Special K with the game solves the stutters, so my bet is on it being some weird timing issue or something.

      A note here is that the UWP/MS Store version is not affected by this issue -- only the Steam version is.

  • Having 1440p as the maximum internal render resolution is a bit limiting. Maybe allow up to 4K ? Preferably support arbitrary 16:9 render resolutions, even...

  • 60 FPS as the maximum frame rate is a bit of a letdown. Is there a possibility for an uncapped setting, or 90, 120, or higher options?

  • This is a minor one, but having the anti-aliasing option apply 8x MSAA is so-so -- maybe make it adjustable? 8x MSAA at higher resolutions (especially if you add support for 4K render resolution) has a higher cost than at lower resolutions.

Originally posted by Berahlen:
IIRC even Steam games that don't cloud save don't typically lose save data because it usually saves in a separate folder that doesn't get uninstalled.

This is correct -- uninstalling a game on Steam only removes files the Steam client is aware of. Basically files it itself downloaded and created during the installation process.

So any additional files in the game folder would remain:
- Crash dumps
- Logs
- Saves
- Third-party mods
- etc

This is why uninstalling a game on Steam tend to leave a ton of leftover files in the installation folder.
Originally posted by Hotschi48:
Check your "steamapps" folder for a file named


Delete it, if it's still there. For every game installed, Steam adds such a file to the steamapps folder, the number is the ID of the game (HZD in this case). Whenever a game is uninstalled, that file is usually deleted as well, but maybe if left over for whatever reason, this file "tells" Steam that this specific game is still installed - and thus tries to "repair" it.

This is the correct answer.
Jul 18 @ 4:57am
In topic Horizon Forbidden West.
Originally posted by melodicmonster:
I'm not sure, and I just scored a PS5 + Forbidden West bundle at MSRP this week, so I'm not waiting. As for what's next, The Last of Us is coming!

Same -- I randomly visited the Swedish Amazon site a few weeks ago, saw that they had a PS5 (disc version) bundle with Forbidden West (no-disc though) available for purchase, and the very next day I was playing Forbidden West :D

Gotta say that while Zero Dawn is great, Forbidden West is more of the awesome. And for me it took almost twice as long to complete as Zero Dawn took me, and I loved every moment of it!

Can't wait for the eventual PC version.
Jun 20 @ 12:09am
In topic Why is ending E so difficult to get ?
Originally posted by Sola Di Ryuvia:
Originally posted by Aemony:
I don't remember if it was solved or not, but earlier versions of the PC copy even had a critical bug that caused the game to crash on the 21st death during the shoot-em-up section of ending E.

Which, you know, would make it impossible to finish unless you manage it within 20 lives.
not hard at all to do. Nor was that a common bug.

Never said it was, but it was one that pretty much every PC player that attempted to finish the game offline on their own hit, as 21 deaths aren't all that many when considering the challenge.

As for suggesting that defeating the ending solo on your own in under 21 deaths not being hard at all to do, yeah... right.
Jun 12 @ 1:13am
In topic GTL don't start
Monitor ports that resides on the motherboard goes to the integrated GPU of the CPU, so an Intel GPU or Ryzen GPU basically, and doesn't go directly to the discrete Nvidia/AMD GPU of the system.

You'll always get better performance/experience by connecting the monitor directly to the graphic card that does the legwork than to the motherboard.
Jun 2 @ 9:19am
In topic No Ocean's Heart for the Steam Deck?
As mentioned by Taktloss, the game runs fine (though does seem to needlessly run the Deck's CPU at too high of a power level). The main limitation atm is the fact that there's no native button prompts, so you're told to hit Space/D/whatever and have to figure which one it means yourself.

Since Steam Input spoofs being an Xbox 360 controller, I imagine adding support for displaying its matching button prompts would solve that.
Special K won't work on Windows 7 (or 8.0), so there's great having an alternative for those users who still haven't upgraded to a newer OS.
This is generally an issue with Steam Input, and not the game itself.
It seems that having Auto HDR enabled in Windows 11 and starting Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas causes the game to display an entirely black screen instead of the main menu.

Only fix is to close the game using Alt+F4 and then disable Auto HDR for the game.
May 15 @ 7:21am
In topic Proton MS visual C++ runtime missing
Yup, same issue here as well.
May 6 @ 3:16pm
In topic Why is ending E so difficult to get ?
I don't remember if it was solved or not, but earlier versions of the PC copy even had a critical bug that caused the game to crash on the 21st death during the shoot-em-up section of ending E.

Which, you know, would make it impossible to finish unless you manage it within 20 lives.
Apr 24 @ 7:44am
In topic GTL don't start
This is quite the oversight on the devs part -- the game is hardcoded to look for graphics/config files in the Documents\GTR (note the R) folder, but the config stores them in Documents\GTL.

Running as an admin apparently works around that oversight by storing the config in the game folder...

Hex editing the executable and changing the two references to the GTR path to GTL instead makes the game work properly with the config file without requiring admin permissions to run. :csdsick:

This patch was well worth the wait!

And they even fixed Edgar not invading!

The camera fix got updated with support for disabling the damn camera reset when using lock-on without any enemies in range!

My gaming experience is now complete.
Originally posted by Mu'Ammar of Carthus:
Originally posted by Aemony:
This here is a semi-standalone mod that disables the auto-camera rotation and doesn't require Cheat Engine:

For Special K users it can also be loaded as a plugin (so the separate mod loader does not need to be used) -- just add the following snippet of code to the bottom of SpecialK.ini:

[Import.CameraFix] Architecture=x64 Role=ThirdParty When=Early Filename=G:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game\mods\CameraFix.dll

This works great, but I wish there'd be a way to stop the character from turning when you rotate the camera.

Yeah, that sounds like tank controls. Maybe we'll see that as well eventually. For now the game is at least playable for me, which it wasn't really without the disabling auto-cam mod.
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