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Enter the Gungeon is this kind of game that you're attracted by, it's satisfying in any way possible, but you can't experience the whole thing caus' BOOM u ded, back to 1st floor again.

  1. First steps
  2. Why you keep playing it
  3. A Timeless Mastepiece
First Steps

- PAIN !

The first time you enter the Gungeon, it's very shooty and it's hard to understand what's going on, you'll be like :
'Aaahhh... if only i could get better at this freakin' game !'

- A 'die and retry' at the top of his class

Learn, learn how to dodge every ennemy, what weapons & synergies work better for you, how to get your first no-hit boss fight as well.

- Game's emotional

After getting the first 3 floors done consistently you keep going down the chambers, you're starting to see more progress, so you keep going down and down until the Dragon is facing you.

And then, you're here in front of him maybe because your weapons & item set was op but you're here, you've been waiting this moment for weeks ! ... Your heart's gonna tell you 'don't f*ck that up bro'.
You've never tried this hard to get something done until now, but it's not enough, the Dragon is too strong.

- Game's addictive

But you did great, you've never come this far ! You can be prood of you ! Now you're more prepared for the next met, and more dertermined to get this done.
And so here you are, 1st floor with the Dragon picture in your head, haunting you until you do what you have to do.

The potential of this game is mind blowing

There are plenty of entertaining objectives, and you'll always have one.
After you killed the pasts and unlock most of the stuff, every run is unique : the combination between items and guns offers a new particular way of playing the Gungeon.

For some, item = another game, example : Super Hot Watch, Remote bullets.

Retro gamers, I'll let you see about the references : (there is quite a lot of them)

- Your eyes will thank you

An amazing artstyle never seen before.
The music made by doseone is incredible.

- A must for the challengers

Once you mastered regular runs, another game is waiting for you and there is the choice : turbo mode (even faster), rainbow (only op items), cursed runs (stronger ennemies, also the best mode if you're looking for custom runs), and others challenges. You can combine them as well. Do as you please !

You'll regret not buying it,
I give it the Masterpiece grade.
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ProtivulyaUA Aug 11 @ 4:48pm 
+ REP, helped me a lot
tunyT Jul 14 @ 11:01am 
Was a good round, beating 666 with 3 players :zombiethumbsup:
Adrien May 15 @ 4:35am 
soldier.cfg neeed to be renamed soldier_c.cfg if you're using mastercomfig
pepE. Feb 23 @ 5:13pm 
Can you learn me how i create an soldier.cfg?
KnifeTimer Feb 20 @ 2:49pm 
+rep good player:p2chell: