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1992 Nissan 200SX S13 1.8L
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Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Y O U  N E E D  T O  V I B R A T E  H I G H E R

PC specs

- 10 point cage with Parachute
- 3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
- spec-R full drag suspension
- Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
- 1 044 bosch pump
- 1200 rc injectors
- golden eagle sleeved block
- cp 10:1 pistons
- Eagle rods
- arp headstuds
- oem h22 headgasket
- Balance shaft delete
- competition clutch twin disc
- Port and polished head
- skunk2 valve springs and retainers
- Str cam gears
- crower stage 1 cams
- aluminium radiator with slim fan
- gsr transmission with itr lsd.
- qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
- k20 rbc manifold
- qsd throttle body spacer
- blox 70mm throttle body
- 4bar omni map sensor
- 6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
- hks bov
- Garret 102mm turbocharger.
- Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
- 44mm tial wastegate
- Custom water to air intercooler set up
- aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
- tuned on chipped p28
- 13 inch volks drag rims
- 2 15 inch volks rear rims
- arp extended wheel studs
- si cluster
- 150 shots of nitrous

leto : our trolldier is so good lol

sondz killed Matt with market_gardener. (crit)
*DEAD* Matt : fuck off
sondz killed bl0 with market_gardener. (crit)
*DEAD* bl0 : shovel my ass

*DEAD* squidyspidy : this pyro
*DEAD* squidyspidy : sondz
*DEAD* squidyspidy : so good

Bobe The Maggote : blu, can you kick sondz?

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≋λLambdaλ≋ Mar 22 @ 6:30am 
You kicked me for being an anti-semite. ♥♥♥♥ you serb ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ucker.
Soup Feb 21 @ 5:29am 
+rep this man taught me how to install brest in the skyrim
Moustache Feb 9 @ 4:45pm 
+rep spectacular abs
I'm a hacker Jan 13 @ 3:49am 
snniiiifffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnniiff....quite pungent that....dare I say....ssssnniff...eggs I smell?...sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff...quite pungent eggs yes very much so.....sssssnnniiiiiffff....yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....cheese.....quite wet my dear....sniff..yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now....


very good!....very sloppy n wet my that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?...hmmmm.....let me.....let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling....hmmmmm...hmm..yes....that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear....ah yes....let me guess...curry for dinner?....oh quite right I am....aren't I?....ok....time for sniff...sssssnnniiiifff.....hmmm...hhhmmm I see...yes....yes indeed as well curry...hmmm....that fragrance is quite noticeable....yes....onion n garlic chutney I take it my dear?...hmmmm...yes quite...
I'm a hacker Jan 13 @ 3:48am 
I'm a hacker Jan 13 @ 3:48am 
────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __ ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє a moth,
──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ LAMP.
─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ DIE,
─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ noose.
──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α girlfriend,
────(♥)████████████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ body ρɪʟʟσѡ.
──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє depressed,
────────(♥)████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ dads belt.
─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α quick f uck,
───────────(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє your indian w ho re.