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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 6:20am

Welcome to Planet Zoo

Create your avatar and place them on the globe
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 6:42am

Bronze Award

Gain a bronze award in career mode
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 7:00am

Silver Award

Gain a silver award in career mode
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 8:08am

Gold Award

Gain a gold award in career mode
Unlocked Nov 12 @ 9:14am

Life finds a way

Have your first baby animal born in your zoo
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 9:12am

Baby Boom

Have 73 baby animals born
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 10:11am

Say Goodbye

Release your first animal
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 6:31am

Welcome to the Family

Adopt your first animal
Unlocked Nov 11 @ 3:46am


Place 25 different Enrichment Items
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 6:55am

Oh My!

Have a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear in your Zoo at any one time
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 2:27am

A superstar comes along

Have an animal reach a 5 star Animal Rating
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 3:02am

An Elephant Never Forgets

Adopt the retiring Indian Elephants in Scenario 7

Career Complete

Complete all career levels to a bronze standard
7 / 12

Silver Career

Complete all career levels to a silver standard
6 / 12

Gold Career

Complete all career levels to a gold standard
5 / 12

Franchise Zoo

Open your first Franchise zoo

Global Zoo

Open 25 Franchise zoos
0 / 25

Tour Guide

Build 1km of a tracked ride
231 / 1,000

Barrier Builder

Build 10km of barrier
2,615 / 10,000


Have an albino breed


Fully train a member of staff


Complete the Zoopedia

Planet Zoo

Open a zoo on every continent
0 / 7


Open a zoo in every biome
0 / 6


Achieve an Education Rating of 5 Stars
0 / 5


Repay $50,000 in loans
0 / 50,000


Take part in a community challenge

This one’s a Keeper

Have at least 3 Keepers, each with a different roster

Circle of Life

Have a Juvenile Lion be born in a Zoo containing at least 10 species

The Elephant in the Room

Have two different breeds of Elephant born in your Zoo

Natural Selection

Have an animal in your zoo with a genetic makeup of over 90% in all categories


Enable all enrichment items in an exhibit

Animal Research

Complete the research on one animal in Franchise mode

Wow, that's a lot!

Build a habitat with 30 animals in it that all have welfare over 75%


Release 20 critically endangered animals to the wild
1 / 20