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Novice detective

Become a detective
Unlocked May 10 @ 10:39am

Fantastic pair

Get rid of Gerard von Borchert with your mother
Unlocked May 10 @ 10:28am

The new order

Choose to stay with George Washington and Emily Hillsborrow
Unlocked May 10 @ 11:28am

Son of Lafayette

Assist George Washington
Unlocked May 10 @ 11:48am

Knight in shiny armor

Accept to follow Elizabeth Adams
Unlocked May 11 @ 3:02am


In the same game, choose 20 answers before the time is up
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:55am


Complete a quest without using consumables
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:05am

Out of breath

Drop to 0 effort points during a quest
Unlocked May 11 @ 3:51am

Starter, main dish and coffee

Use exactly one consumable of each type during a quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 6:27am

Missi Dominici

Persuade Cardinal Piaggi to give you the letter
Unlocked May 10 @ 11:21am

Close call

Avoid being used as a punchbag by Jacques Péru
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:31am

Motherly embrace

Manage to get Elizabeth Adams to talk about her past
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:58am

Imperial nobility

Persuade Napoleon that he can trust you
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:13am

Your suspiscious mind

Draw Emily Hillsborrow's secret out of her
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:59am

Sweet dreams

Complete the first quest
Unlocked May 10 @ 11:40am

Rough night

Complete the second quest
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:37am

Important people

Complete the third quest
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:15am

Once upon a time...

Complete episode 1
Unlocked May 11 @ 3:09am


Raise a skill to level 3
Unlocked May 13 @ 6:28am


Acquire ten skills of level 1 during episode 1
Unlocked May 11 @ 3:09am


Reach level 5 in episode 1
Unlocked May 11 @ 3:09am


Open Pandora's box
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:47am


Overcome 5 confrontations in episode 1
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:59am

A Tragic Fate

Complete the fifth quest
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:44pm

The Nightmare

Complete the sixth quest
Unlocked May 12 @ 3:12am

Into the lion's den

Complete episode 2
Unlocked May 12 @ 3:34am

Dangerous stakes

Complete the eighth quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 2:28am

Double game

Complete the ninth quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 3:29am

The hand of Týr

Complete episode 3
Unlocked May 13 @ 6:27am

Leap of Faith

Complete the eleventh quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 7:15am

New Blood

Complete the twelfth quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 7:43am

Welcome to the family

Complete episode 4
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:29am

Final Vote

Complete the fourteenth quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:05am

Mind Maze

Complete the fifteenth quest
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:06am

Carrion Comfort

Complete the story
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:19am

Novice occultist

Become an occultist

Novice diplomat

Become a diplomat

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