Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States
How does one describe a GraveCan?:hskull:

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I am just a pretty chill guy at times who likes to joke around and have fun.
Though I don't accept random friend requests and would rather prefer if you tell why you friend request me on my profile comments. It can be as simple as "I want to play a match with you" or "Just wanted to hang out" and that may give you a higher chance of me accepting the request.

I am really into pokemon and have been learning more about competitive battling but I do also like to play other games like TF2 and Minecraft on the side.

For TF2 I main the support classes because they are the most fun for me but I shall be glad to switch my class if needed most of the time.:fhappy:

If you want my discord I will most of the time be GraveCan#5061

If you want to join my server then feel free to join, I try my best to keep it active and post life updates at times on it or for anything about future games I may develop in the future!

Favorite Eeveelution is Glaceon of course
Kinda wish its typing wasn't so bad though :fsad:

~~~Add me on other places too!~~~

Transformice: "Daleycat"

Roblox: "Daleycat"

Pokemmo: "GraveCan"

Trove: "OfficerKoopa" : "GraveCan#1660"

--Toontown Rewritten--
Main- "Officerkoopa"

--Other Toons--

Also Adine is best waifu

Your point is invalid.

EDIT: The Adine is best waifu thing is just a inside joke people no need to be so offended by it :ftired:
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beep beep lettuce :steamsalty:
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But what about Toontown?
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Agreed good sire
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Cuphead is just like dark souls
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I agree