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Posted: Apr 2 @ 1:40pm
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Early Access Review
This game is a great homage to the Sci-Fi rpg's of the past while still managing to be fun, relevant and feel quite new. The game still needs work and the devs are busily adding content and improving the exerience so if you wan't a fun and exciting sci-fi rpg please pull the trigger and support these devs. The game plays as a salute to some of the greatest rpg's and to me at least most of all Star Control and Star Flight. The top down combat can at times feel almost like a ballet as you weave in and out between ship, friends and foes alike, and deal out punishment with an assortment of weapons. There is such a huge potential here and it'll be great fun to watch the game develop and unfold throughout Early Access - and make no mistake while this is a passion project these devs listen to the community and its wishes - a very welcoming band of creators and i recommend taking part in the discussions etc. Finally for the sake of full disclosure I was given the game for free BUT this was already on my wishlist and would have been bought as soon as it went on sale - it's just that much fun.
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Adarkchylde Apr 4 @ 11:43pm 
LOL maybe "This may cause addiction"
elZanc0  [developer] Apr 2 @ 4:26pm 
Cheers! :) 90 hours on record - should we add a health warning...?