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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
9:57 PM - Decoy: i have 2 questions for ya.
9:57 PM - Decoy: One will your computer resart if it over heats?
9:59 PM - Decoy is now Offline.
10:00 PM - Jignod: Lets hope so

[6:06:08 PM] Joe Lofano: oh good luck. When i get home i want the best damn cup of myself when i get bacl
[6:06:24 PM] Ethan Williams: I had to think about that for a second
[6:06:30 PM] Joe Lofano: hahah
[6:06:33 PM] Ethan Williams: lol nice meme
[6:06:39 PM] Joe Lofano: thank you

Menackator: Oh s*** wait, I got confused
Menackator: Wait a second Google keyboard sensors the words thought f***
Nebuloid: hahaha
Menackator: LOL oh LOL oh LOL oh LOL oh LOL
Menackator: alright I am back on the keyboard

Me: Joe I'm an idiot!
Joe: Why are you an idiot?
Me: What day is today Joe?
Joe: It's Wednesday~!
Me: ...It's not...
Joe: ...
Joe: So why are you an idiot?

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