Lavernius Tucker
Philip Banks   United States
Fuck Philip Banks. Banks wants to empty the banks, fill our streets with banks, and run a bank making operation out of his banks.
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11:23 AM - Alliet: why does it say conga in my orders
11:23 AM - Alliet: congo*
11:23 AM - Alliet: oh wait

[11:14:38 PM] DankMan: ayy
[11:14:43 PM] CB-TrackMan: penis
[11:14:46 PM] DankMan: what
[11:14:47 PM] DankMan: no
[11:14:48 PM] DankMan: fuck that
[11:14:50 PM] CB-TrackMan: PENIS
[11:14:55 PM] DankMan: NO

GG: yo
GG: i clicked on you because i finished ogat
GG: watcha typin
DankMan: i nearly shit my pants when i heard the message sound
DankMan: fucking earbuds
GG: rofl
GG: i'm sorry

11:48 AM - DankMan: hades
11:48 AM - DankMan: go home
11:48 AM - DankMan: you're drunk
11:48 AM - Alliet: yes
11:48 AM - Alliet: im always drunk and homeless
11:48 AM - Alliet: what do i do now

2:32 AM - Hoxy: anal with hoxton
2:32 AM - Hoxy: got it
2:32 AM - Lavernius Tucker: if u wake up and u realized u fapped in ur sleep then u probably ha-
2:32 AM - Lavernius Tucker: um
2:32 AM - Lavernius Tucker: really
2:32 AM - Hoxy: really what?
2:33 AM - Lavernius Tucker: im going to bed fuck you

9:11 PM - Selvester: I NEED A LAWYER
9:11 PM - Lavernius Tucker: a lawyer?
9:11 PM - Lavernius Tucker: but im not good at that stuff
9:11 PM - Selvester: they found the kids
9:11 PM - Lavernius Tucker: oh
9:11 PM - Lavernius Tucker: oh god
9:11 PM - Lavernius Tucker: ill be there in 10 or 15

6:09 PM - Vexic: i sense jewry is afoot
6:10 PM - Vexic: what the fuck

9:46 PM - Vexic: AAAAA

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Unboxed a Radioactive Captured Maschinengewehr on 10/31/2017
Unboxed a Wealthy Warfare Determinator on 3/26/2019
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me so hownie
Go Commit Auschwitz #FreeHK Nov 3 @ 10:37am 
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