:TEW2STEFANO: Vorwärts nimma, rückwärts imma!
Punkt – nullte Dimension. :Camo::Hawkeye::HyperSprint::NanogelArmor:
★ VA Skil ★ VA Accuracy ★ VA Headshot ★ VA % ★ But!!! :steamsad:
★ :csgob: ★ :csgoct: ★ :csgoglobe: ★ :2018bestaward::2018bestcoffee::steamsalty::steamhappy::steammocking::steamsad::steambored:
CSGO = the silly Game in the play column and every day it goes with different players still more stupidly.
0 calls, never listen, totally confuses in positions, to plays like the first people, ...

CS:GO Stats 1,6 []
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╠╗╚╝╠╗╚╝ Skill uLow-High abhänging von ...
Damage Given to "med1x" - 99 in 10 hits
★ VA Skil ★ VA Accuracy ★ VA Headshot ★ VA % ★
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...but VAC is ugly. Once upon a time ... I play 100% legal!!!

:esti_surprised: :Camo: Bei Fragen, fragen... :steammocking:
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VA.ɲKoҳ Jul 12 @ 6:40am 
4 idiot team... 1 of 3 players are F$§%§&%...
Влад Борщ Jul 11 @ 2:31pm 
-REP idiots:steamfacepalm::steamfacepalm:
анимешка Jun 17 @ 6:08pm 
have nice skins, but play very bad
VA.ɲKoҳ Mar 6 @ 12:15pm 
+rep skilled alkoholkonsum
owned by a noob! Jan 30 @ 1:03am 

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