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25yr old Acadian transwoman | Tiny Elf Queen | Potent Creature | Ultimate Lifeform | Master of Reality | The Magnum Opus of Modernity | Really Fucking Gay | Sister Archetype Engine
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first metaphysical superstar of the flying saucer age
Discord: EXtraDonut#1025
Battle.net : ChimpDodger#1231
Twitter: @About20Donuts
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:revolver: my art

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I like anime but I also don't like anime. It's all about manga, even though they SUCK.

Seven hundred years of high capacity intellectual thought theory compacted into a single 25yo transwoman, wielding supreme control over the masses. More powerful than god. IRL low poly count.

||| Top 5 Top Best Top 5 Songs |||(updated: April-10-2018)

:revolver: Rush - 2112: Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx / Discovery / Presentation / Oracle: The Dream / Soliloquy / Grand Finale

:revolver: of Montreal - Sophie Calle Private Game/Every Person is a Pussy, Every Pussy is a Star!

:revolver: Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel

:revolver: Chicago - At the Sunrise

:revolver: Jamiroquai - Carla

||| Games I actively play |||
:revolver: World of Warcraft: Azuremyst Realm (bnet name is at start of this widget)
:revolver: Path of Exile (Main Character: Juan_Friend lvl 76 Slayer)
:revolver: Overwatch
:revolver: Planetside 2 (Emerald VS, EXtraDonut)
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Oh no not my rep!
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i am spooked
EXtraDonut Jul 2, 2017 @ 1:47am 
I'm going to make you eat your teeth
Sauceborn Jul 1, 2017 @ 8:19pm 
sad, sad boy
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