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Personal Achievements

Disgusting Boots

Crush 10 meatbugs.

A Real Hunter

Kill 5 scavengers.

The Hardest Prey

Kill 1 snapper.

No Longer a Lamb

Kill 6 wolves.

A Moment of Relax

Heed nature’s call.

Master Chef

Prepare three different cooking recipes.

Easy to Open

Open 3 locked chests.

Now it Really Hurts

Get your first weapon.

Feel the Magic

Get your first magic item.

Expanding Treasury

Collect 15 ore nuggets.

The Numismatic Collector

Collect 10 coins.

Plant Lover

Collect 20 blueberries.

Body Looter

Loot a human body 3 times.


Collect 10 empty bottles.

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