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Personal Achievements

You found us!

Start the game for first time

We have a winner

Win Tornado mode once

Victory Screech

Win Tornado mode 15 times

Nifty fifty

Win Tornado mode 50 times

Nice One, Centurion

Win Tornado mode 100 times

I'm just getting started

Play for 30 minutes

Are we having fun yet?

Play for 2 hours

Getting addicted

Play for 10 hours


Play for 24 hours

Shifty fifty

Play for 50 hours

Don't stop me now

Play 100 hours


Play Roulette mode for first time

Nice to meet ya

Meet Charly Badulaque

On the money

Win your first Roulette mode

Like my new wheels?

Choose the car for the first time

Take the money or open the chest?

Choose the chest for the first time


Choose the car 15 times

Chest lover

Choose the chest 15 times

Casino Crack

Play Roulette mode 20 times


Play online mode for the first time

Better than you

Win your first online match

Better than most

Win 15 online matches

Better than y'all

Win 50 online matches

New head? Thanks!

Unlock your first head

More heads for me!

Unlock 10 heads

I love heads!

Unlocks 30 heads


Unlock all heads

The Walking Heads

Play Zombie mode for the first time

Welcome to Zombie castle

Finish your first Zombie stage

Cleaning up

Finish the first floor in Zombie mode

Moving on up

Finish the second floor in Zombie mode

Getting the hang of it

Finish the third floor in Zombie mode

Nearly got them all

Finish the fourth floor in Zombie Mode

They didn't stand a chance

Finish the fifth floor in Zombie mode

Easy peasy lemon-squeezy

Complete Zombie mode in easy

Time to kick some zombie butt

Play Zombie mode in normal

Please don't hurt me

Play Zombie mode in easy

Butt-kicker first class

Complete Zombie mode in normal

Hurt me bad

Play Zombie mode in hard

I am the man

Complete Zombie mode in hard

Two on two

Play the TagTeam mode for the first time

Dynamic Duo

Finish the first TagTeam match

Terrible Twins

Play TagTeam mode 10 times

Perfect Partners

Play TagTeam mode 25 times

Ooh Stickers!

Unlock your first sticker

Gotta love stickers

Unlock 15 stickers

Gimme more stickers

Unlock 50 stickers

I got the set

Unlock all stickers

New found land

Unlock your first map

Plenty of play room

Unlock 5 new maps

I know my way around

Unlock 10 new maps

This land is mine

Unlock all maps