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Ram 25 opponents to death.


Nail 50 opponents with the Piercer.

Van Helsing

Impale 50 opponents with the Impaler.

Jack the Ripper

Slice 50 opponents with the Ripper.

It's not rocket science

Explode 50 opponents with the Missile Launcher.

A gentle push

Send flying 50 opponents with the FusRoBeh.

I've Got You In My Sight

Snipe 50 opponents with the LightGun.

Billiard Hero

Detonate 50 opponents with the Grenade Launcher.

Medium-Rare, Please

Cook 50 opponents with the Roaster.

Goat Game

Kill 101 opponents.

Off With Her Head!

Kill 50 opponents with Headshots.

Sniper Goat

Kill 500 opponents with Headshots.

Apocalypse Goat

Kill 250 opponents with Explosions.

This is SPARTA

Push 50 opponents off a ledge.

Are You Not Entertained?

Win 50 Free For All matches.


Win 50 Gun matches.

King of the Hill

Win 50 FusRoArena matches.


Win 100 Team Deathmatches.

Goat for Life!

Win 340 matches in any mode.

Cute and Deadly

Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.

Gore-Splattered Devil

Kill 25 opponents in a row without dying.

Goatnado Maniac

Kill 25 opponents with the Zero-G Saws. (Alternative fire)

Miley Cygoat

Bleat 100 times. (In this game)

Pole in the Hole

Also goats have their special place.

Ram and Pull

Ram an opponent and kill him midair.

Stealth as a Goat

"Don't move! He can't see us if we don't move."

Goatiano Ronaldo

Hit an opponent 5 times with Ram or FusRoBeh without making it touch the ground.

Goatshank Redemption

Yes, we developers make achievements for you, bug-seeking goats.

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