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Personal Achievements

Walk the Plank

Feed the fish in Chapter 1

Enter the Dragon

Do it the oldschool way in Chapter 2


Who's there? Chapter 3


Turn the ruins into a crypt in Chapter 4

Cleansing Fire

Cook some kebabs in Chapter 5


Win the duel against an old firend.

They're Not All That Bad

Add a bit of pacifism to this bloodbath. Chapter 6

No Hands

Let the others do your work in Chapter 7

Welcome to the Jungle

Clean out the greenhouse in Chapter 8

Touch Me Not

Be quicker than the big guys in Chapter 9


Be careful with the glass in Chapter 10

Who Run Bartertown

Defeat the guardians.

Hit the Fan

Mince some meat in Chapter 11


Forward, Forward, High Punch. Chapter 12


This is a zero-waste production facility. Chapter 13

Trumpet of Jericho

Destroy more than 50% of the walls in Chapter 14

There Can Be Only One

End the rivalry once and for all

No Fly Zone

Shut down the engines in Chapter 15


Complete the game


Complete the game on hardcore mode

Double Kill!

Kill two enemies simultaneously

Triple Kill!

Kill three enemies simultaneously


Kill five enemies simultaneously

Bad Day

Kill 25 enemies using the environment


Kill 75 enemies using the environment

Feng Shui

Kill 150 enemies using the environment

Glass Weapons

Break 100 weapons


Execute 30 enemies.

I Am Death

Execute 300 enemies.


Restore 1000% of health


Restore health from near death to full

Raging Bull

Kill 3 enemies while Vasily is near death

Oily Hands

Parry 50 times

Target Practice

Shoot 50 enemies

Lead Poisoning

Shoot 500 enemies.

Crouching Tiger

Perform 40 stealth kills.

Hidden Dragon

Perform 100 stealth kills.


Complete every chapter with 0 deaths.

Are You Not Entertained?

Beat all Arena levels.


Perform 300 parries.