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Personal Achievements

Challenge Challenger

Win a weekly challenge.

Part Party

Slot 1 part into 5 different traps.

Coin Collector

Earn 150,000 coin in 1 match.

Shoot Them Down

Kill 50 minions while they are in the air.

Home Sweet Home

Place 100 guardians in their home locations.

Slots Machine

Slot 3 trap parts into 1 trap.


Win 1 match with all 3 free starter heroes.

Fearless Leader

Win 5 games as a party leader.

Rift Buster

Destroy or help to destroy 100 unstable rifts.

Power Pick-Me-Ups

Pick up 100 Unchained drops.

Trapping Talent

Place 10,000 traps.

Ring of Fire

Catch 75 minions on fire at the same time with Smolder.

500 Helpings

Eat 500 Delicious Meals as Bloodspike.

Pardon My Reach

Kill 250 minions ensnared by Reach of Roots with Ivy.


Deal 2000 damage to an enemy with a single CATCH! by Hogarth.


Pick up 1000 coin bags with Dobbin.

Out of Sight

Stay in Prowl for a total of 60min as Midnight.

Very Blessed

Pick up 250 mana orbs with Stinkeye.

Book Ended

Knock 1,000 minions into battleground hazards with Zoey's Book Club.

Soul Collecting

Collect 500 soul stacks in a single match with Oziel.

Touched by Can't Touch This

Deal 20,000 in damage to minions with Can't Touch This.

Beauty and Beast

Deal 200,000 damage in a single match with Bionka.


Kill a minion in midair with Blackpaw's Pounce.

Combo Quest

Score a 15x or higher combo.


Five star a master or rift lord battleground without any players going Unchained.

Forever Unchained

Be Unchained for a total of 1 hour.

Empty Pockets

Spend 200,000,000 in coin.

Improvised Weapons

Kill 5,000 minions with environmental traps.

Hazard Play

Kill 1,000 minions by knocking them into battleground hazards.

Minion Overkill

Kill 100,000 minions.


Roll 250,000 meters in battle with Tundra's Avalanche.

So Bossy

Kill 500 boss minions.


Kill 30 enemies within 1s of using Gabriella's Kinetic Pulse.

Star Player

Earn 50 stars from weekly challenges.

Toughing It Out

Defeat 15 consecutive waves in Endless.

Going the Distance

Defeat 25 consecutive waves in Endless.

Crushing Waves

Defeat 35 consecutive waves in Endless.

Endless Domination

Defeat 45 consecutive waves in Endless.


Claim 30-day login reward.

Great Opener

Open 100 chests.

Made of Stars

Earn 200 stars.

Wraith Wrath

Deal 1,000 damage with Oziel's Wraith Surge.

Iced, Baby

Kill 1,000 frozen enemies with Tundra.

Mr. Freeze

Freeze 5,000 enemies with Tundra.

Kobolds on Strike

Kill 100 kobolds with Midnight's Shadow Swipe.

What Hit Them

Kill 500 stunned enemies with Midnight.

Simply Slamming

Kill 5,000 enemies with Slam It Down.

Top Tier

Upgrade 20 traps to tier 7.

Star Killer

Earn 5 stars on every map.

Star Search

Earn 3 or more stars on every rift lord battleground.

Shoot for the Stars

Earn 3 or more stars on every war mage battleground.

Rift Lord Ready

Unlock rift lord difficulty.

War Mage Warm-Up

Unlock war mage difficulty.

Master Motivation

Unlock master difficulty.

Victory Nap Earned

Complete the Prologue.

Big Bang

Kill 150 enemies in 1 match with Dobbin's Spare Dynamite.


Earn 50 stacks of ANGRY! at once with Hogarth.

Pounce and Bounce

Use Blackpaw's Pounce 1,000 times during battle.

Skill Shots

Kill 500 enemies by knocking them into hazards with Ivy's Penetrating Arrow.

Frequent Frenzier

Use Bloodspike's Homicidal Frenzy 30x during battle.

Burn Them Down

Deal 50,000 damage with Smolder's Incinerate.

Deep Fried

Deal damage to 1,000 enemies with Smolder using naphtha.

In a Blink

Use Gabriella's Blink 500x in battle.

Adoring Fans

Mesmerize 50 enemies with a single Devious Allure from Gabriella.

Faces Down

Kill 50 enemies with a single In Your Faces from Maximilian.

Stunningly Handsome

Stun 10,000 enemies.

Geared Up

Deal 50,000 damage with gear.

Extra Crispy

Deal damage with 1,000 gallons of boiling oil.

Ready to Rock

Kill 100 enemies with boulders.

Chandelier Shatterer

Kill 100 enemies with chandeliers.

Soldier Slaughter

Kill 10,000 soldiers.

So Over Ogres

Kill 5,000 ogres.

Archer Assault

Kill 1,000 Archers.

Kobold Cataclysm

Kill 10,000 kobolds.

Orc Onslaught

Kill 10,000 orcs.


Earn 3 or more stars on every master battleground.

Loving Healing

Heal 1,000,000 damage.


Take 1,000,000 damage in 1 match.

Little Millionaire

Earn 5,000,000 coin as Dobbin.

Soul Searching

Collect 2,000 soul stacks in 1 match with Oziel.

Rift Rippin'

Destroy 50 unstable rifts with Bionka.

Kobold Crushin'

Kill 1,000 kobolds with Bionka.

Anomalous Apocalypse

Kill 1,000 enemies with Stinkeye's Arcane Anomaly.

Fatal Wounds

Kill 1,000 wounded enemies with Blackpaw.

Second Tier

Upgrade a trap to tier 2.

Rush and Crush

Kill 500 enemies by knocking them into hazards with Temper's Bull Rush.

Bottled Up

Reach max rage with Rage of the Forge 50x.

Wakey Wakey

Resurrect 10 teammates with scroll of resurrection.

Scroll Loophole

Prevent the loss of 50 rift points with scroll of the empty rift.

Firey Surprise

Kill 500 enemies with Smolder's From the Ashes.

Bloody Business

Gain 50 Bloodbath stacks as Bloodspike.

Ogre Overkill

Kill 50 full-health ogres with Bloodspike's Stunning Execution.

Through and Through

Hit 5,000 enemies with Ivy's penetrating arrow.

Gnoll Army

Summon 100 gnolls during battle with Blackpaw.

Shortcut to Win

Use Dobbin's Mineshaft Shortcut 200x in a match he wins.

Totem Toter

Place 100 totems as Stinkeye.

Distance Dash

Run 26.2 miles with Midnight's Dash and Slash during battle.


Change magic school in battle 250x as Zoey.

Pet from Hell

Kill 500 enemies with Zoey's pet, Feebee.


Get stunned by Zoey's Chaos Tome backfiring 15x during battle.

Till It Hurts

Deal 25,000 damage to Oziel using Oziel's Essence Siphon.

Reset Button

Reset 5,000 traps as Gabriella

Amateur Saboteur

Win 5 Sabotage matches.

Journeyman Saboteur

Win 10 Sabotage matches.

Artisan Saboteur

Win 25 Sabotage matches.

Master Saboteur

Win 100 Sabotage matches.

In B4 Tubifore

Summon Tubifore 100x.

Mercenary Mercy

Summon a mercenary 125x.

Good Puppies

Summon Kobold Pups 25x.

Infinitely Unstable

Cast Unstable Rift Spell 75x.

Going Nuclear

Cast The Bomb Spell 50x.


Use Unchained Scroll 200x.

Get Swifty

Summon Swiftyhooves 150x.

Sabotage 101

Achieve level 5 to unlock Sabotage mode.


Use Polymorph Chicken 75x.

Sabotage 1

Win 1 game of Sabotage.

Sabotage 2

Win 2 games of Sabotage.

Sabotage 4

Win 4 games of Sabotage.

Trial Trainee

Win 1 Chaos Trial game

Trial Templar

Win 5 Chaos Trial games

Chaos Capable

Win 15 Chaos Trial games

Herald of Havoc

Clear any 50 Chaos Trial tiers.

Bouncy Bouncy Bombs

Hit 5000 enemies with Deadeye's Bouncing Bomb.

Forever Infamous

Obtain 1000 stacks of Infamy with Deadeye.

Move. NOW!

Use Deadeye's "Outta the Way" ability 500x in combat.

Master Summoner

Summon 100 rift shards with Cygnus.

Chaining Chain Lightning

Kill 2500 minions with Cygnus's Chain Lightning ability.

Emperor's Reach

Use Yi-Lin's Imperial Reach ability 100x in combat.

Tempest-est Strike

Hit 2500 enemies with Yi-Lin's Tempest Strike ability.

Heavy Weapons

Kill 2,500 enemies with Brass using Cannonball.

Joint Bank Account

Pickup 500 of Dobbin's coins as Brass.

Scrap Collector

Pickup 2,500 Scrap as Brass.