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Graduate from business school

Jerome's Not Home

Get Jerome

WifeBeater Peter

Beater Peter

Castle GoGo 7

Go To Castle GoGo and Fight GoGo Runny Man

Bad For The Environment

Defeat The Rat King

Burn Out

Take Fraudulent Documents To Furnace

Kiss of Judy

It's a Blessing

2 Tablets To Paradise

Take the Good Stuff

A District Divided...

Help the Liberals and Conservatives

Toilet Paper Hero

Get some guy some Toilet Paper

Supreme Court

Pass The Rock To Mike J.

Plant Vs. Zombie

Attend The Revolutionary Courtcase

Mystical Relic

Get Them To Sign The Contract

Crunch The Numbers

Defeat Infinity

It's Pay Day

Become The Next Drillionaire

Appraise The Lord

Collect Tithe From The "Selfish" Homeless Shelter

Trump The Aliens

Defeat The Tax Evader

Shark Weak

Kill All The Loan Sharks

Triassic Nark

Open The Door Sh*t On The Floor, Look Out It's A Dinosaur

It's Gonna Be Huge

Fight The Ex-Car Salesman


Meat The Leader

Change of Plans

Heli-Carrier Crash

Final Solution

Exterminate The Meat Men

Redact, Reuse, Recycle

Kill The Pile of Bodies

Chef Boy Arty

Bring The Soup To Boy Arty

The Meat Kid

Meat Kid Want Linguini

Soup Or Salad?

Defeat The Food Force

Hell's Cocina

This Linguini Is Ling- A F*CKING DISGRACE!

East Side, West Side

Yeast Side Weast Side Gang Fight

Virus Hunter

Enter The Grid And Kill The Viruses

GoobTube Forever

Euthanize The Enslaved GoobTuber's

C-NT: Corporate

Cancel The Huge Boom Hypothesis

Free Quincy

Free the Rap Sensation Quincy "62 cents" Jones


Deafeat The Creators

Kingdom Commerce

Become The CEO