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Personal Achievements

Speedy Saviour

Complete the campaign in under 3 hours.

Money Bags

Earn a total 1000 kill coins.

Big Spender

Earn a total 2000 kill coins.

Bounty Hunter

Earn a total 3000 kill coins.

This is Mine

Capture a control point in Conquest.

Brilliantly Bronze

Unlock the Bronze Medallion cosmetic.

Simply Silver

Unlock the Silver Medallion cosmetic.

Gorgeously Gold

Unlock the Gold Medallion cosmetic.

Base Builder

Have 10 chemicals placed in the map at the same time.

Quad Kill

Get a x4 kill streak in multiplayer.

Multi Kill

Get a x8 kill streak in multiplayer.


Get a x12 kill streak in multiplayer.

Chain Reaction

Destroy 10 vehicles in under 5s.

Demolition Man

Destroy over 100 vehicles.


Discover a superweapon unlock in the campaign.

Gotta Get 'Em All

Unlock every item in the game.

Genetically Gifted

Complete the singleplayer campaign.

Grim Reaper

Kill an enemy player while dead.


Kill 100 enemy players.


Kill 1000 enemy players.


Kill 10000 enemy players.

We've got an Outbreak to Stop!

Detonate the fail-safe in the campaign Laboratory.

Mini Mutant Man

Reach level 20.

Half Mutant, Half Machine

Reach level 50.

Genetic Drift

Reach level 100.


Collect enough health kits to overheal to the maximum of 200 hitpoints.

Pest Control

Kill 10 zombies in a single round.

Golden Bullet

Kill 2 enemy players with the same bullet. Explosive and vehicle kills don't count.


Get a 4 star civilian aggression rating.

Flying Samurai

Knife 2 enemies while falling from the sky.


Run over and kill an enemy player with a vehicle.

Get Shifty

Obtain the maximum of 10 shifts without dying.

I'm a Big Boy!

Complete the Newbie Checklist in multiplayer.

Stage Smasher

Get an A+ rating on a campaign stage.

Challenges Completed

Complete every challenge in the game.

I'm a Survivor

Beat the daily survival challenge.


Win a 50 point, 10+ player battle royale match in under 20 minutes.

2 Hearts in 1

Earn 2 extra lives in Battle Royale.

Chicken Dinner

Win a multiplayer battle royale match.

Let's Play a Game

Complete the first checkpoint of the campaign.