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Personal Achievements

Master of Time

Finish the game in less than 25 hours

3 Stars Addict

Spend 80+ hours on the game

Money Money Money

Held more than 200,000 gold

Money Money (...) Money

Held more than 900,000 gold

3000 Stars

Go through 3000+ fights

The First Step

Play 1+ hour

Random Act I

Kill 10+ enemies

Random Act II

Kill 200+ enemies

Random Act III

Kill 3000+ enemies

Sarah the Hunter

Kill 100+ enemies

Sarah the Slayer

Kill 1000+ enemies

Luciana the Archmage

Kill 150+ enemies

Mind Over Body (Luciana)

Kill 300+ enemies with spells only

Body Over Mind (Luciana)

Kill 50+ enemies with weapons only

In Love?

Find Sarah

In Love??

Find Sarah again

In Love???!

Mend Sarah's leg

In Love!!

Kiss Sarah

Frantic Fingers

Hit 200+ times on the punching machine in the village

Mad Fingers

Hit 250+ times on the punching machine in the village

The Explorer

Find 10+ secret rooms

The Explorer, Indy Jones Level

Find 40+ secret rooms

A Long Way To Go

Walk 1000+ steps

A Longer Way To Go

Walk 10000+ steps

The Longest Way To Go

Walk 100000+ steps

The Beggar's Hat

Hold 100+ gold

The Knight's Purse

Hold 5000+ gold

The King's Locket

Hold 100,000+ gold

Good Samaritan

Complete 30+ quests

Colyseum Hero

Win Colyseum

Relic Collector

Find all relics

Artifact Collector

Find all artifacts

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