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Personal Achievements

It's bound to take your life

Died for the first time
Unlocked Aug 15, 2020 @ 6:46am


Found a note that someone left behind
Unlocked Aug 15, 2020 @ 6:38am

By the book

Found 60 audio notes

My private stash

Got 12 special weapons

Way of the cleric

Completed the game as Cleric

Way of the rogue

Completed the game as Rogue

Way of the warrior

Completed the game as Warrior

Against all odds

Defeated a Boss without taking damage

Only after Disaster

Defeated the Worshiper

Not a question of can or can't

Defeated the Annihilator

Hard shell, soft core

Defeated the Commander

Thousands of candles

Defeated the Guardian

So that's a Lord!

Defeated First Warden

No time for losers

Defeated the Champion

Seal the gate

Defeated the Infiltrator

Anger is a gift

Defeated the Beast

Two against one

Defeated Lost Brothers

He speaks in riddles

Met the Blacksmith

Treasure left alone

Looted all Treasure Chambers

Are you not entertained?

Completed all Proving Grounds

No one can hear you scream

Completed all Infinite Voids

Strong with this one

Unlocked all spells for one class

Give him power

Bought your first Attribute or Spell Point

Myself again

Retrieved lost experience by collecting your ghost

Extra strong

Upgraded the Health Potions

All in

Defeated a boss with at least 20000 unspent experience

Couldn't have done it myself

Let the boss destroy the statue during fight

Good with weapons

Collected all weapon types

Killing monsters

Killed all types of enemies

This! Is! Keystone!

Kicked an enemy into his death

He knows what they did last era

Found all eight audio notes in the Ancient Labyrinth

Don't burn yourself out

Defeated the Keeper

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